Car owners, car enthusiasts! Have you ever had trouble starting your car? If your car isn’t starting, don’t worry. There are many reasons why a car may not start and it’s important to know all of them so you can make an informed decision on what needs to be done. At Swezo, one of the most reputable online automotive marketplaces, we help you connect with only certified and trusted mobile mechanics in Victoria, Melbourne and elsewhere. The mechanics come to you with a fully equipped vehicle, saving you time and money while getting your car back up and running as quickly as possible.

There are many reasons why your car won’t start. Some of the most common ones are lack of power due to dead battery, starter problems that require replacement or ignition switch issues that need repair. The best way to know if one of these is happening is by contacting a professional automotive mechanic. But first, let us understand these reasons in detail and how a car mechanic can help you.

Primary Reasons Why Your Car Isn’t Starting and Why You Need a Mobile Mechanic

1.The filter is contaminated

Usually, there are numerous filters inside a car designed to obstruct contaminants from getting inside your car’s cabin, engine and other vehicle systems. These filters help to ensure the smooth functioning of the moving parts of the engine.

You can notice signs like a slow response, trouble while starting the car or having less than the necessary power which means the filter is getting clogged. And that’s when you should consider replacing the fuel filter.

According to the advice of professional mechanics, you should replace your fuel filter as per the service schedule mentioned in the owner’s manual. However, sometimes due to the high prevalence of environmental factors in certain areas, fuel filters may require a change more often.

To do away with all that confusion, post a request for a qualified mobile mechanic on Swezo and they will visit your home, assess the condition of the filters in your car and suggest if replacement is necessary.

2. A flat battery

When a car doesn’t start, we usually blame the battery, don’t we? And there’s a reason why it can be true. A faulty battery is one of the primary reasons why your car can have difficulty starting. Having a defective battery means the battery is unable to supply the required power for producing the fuel reaction. Moreover, your car battery runs out of power if the lights or other electrical components are left turned on for the entire night – similar to leaving an app open in your mobile phone or forgetting to lock the screen.

By availing certified car repair services on Swezo, the mobile mechanics can test your battery and charging system and determine the root cause of the problem. Battery replacement service at Swezo begins at an average price of $80, with complete assurance of quality and satisfaction.


How a mobile mechanic can help when your car won't start
Don’t know what’s the issue with your car? Call your trusted mobile mechanic

3. The starter is broken

When the car won’t start, the first thing you check is the battery. But did you know sometimes the problem can also lie with the starter? The starter is only a small motor that relies on the power supplied by the battery for functioning. You’ll know the starter is broken when you hear a ‘clicking’ noise while turning on your key.

You can jump start your car and get it up and running, only if you’re lucky enough! But that’s not a solution. To eliminate this problem permanently, all you need to do is get the starter replaced or repaired by calling a qualified automotive mechanic.

4. The ignition switch is poor

The answer to ‘why my car won’t start’ has another very crystal-clear reason – the ignition switch might have gone kaput.

When the key is turned on, a signal is sent by the ignition switch to start the engine. If the ignition switch is damaged, the engine won’t receive the signal. This calls for a replacement which may want to perform on your own. However, replacing the ignition switch in your car is a relatively complex procedure and must be done accurately. At Swezo, get contacts of thousands of ‘mobile mechanics near me’ within minutes by posting just one request, absolutely for free.

How a mobile mechanic can help when your car won't start
Mobile mechanics always listen to the problem before arriving at your location

5. An issue with the timing belt

The timing belt is one of the critical components inside your vehicle, just like the other internal parts. Its main function is to ensure the opening and closing of the engine’s valves at appropriate intervals so that there is no contact between the pistons and valves ever.

Many car owners don’t know but using a malfunctioning timing belt can lead to massive damage to the engine, boiling down to expensive engine replacement. Every vehicle comes with instructions stating when it is ideal to replace the timing belt and is determined from the mileage covered. Generally, the timing belt should be changed every 60,000 miles or five years.

Get Contacts of Reliable & Qualified Mobile Mechanics at Swezo

When your car refuses to start, it’s never a good feeling. For many people, the fear of being stranded in an unfamiliar place is enough for them to panic and not know what to do next. But you don’t have to be among these people if you request for a car mechanic on Swezo at the right time. With a little help from a professional mobile mechanic, you can get your car started and back on the road in no time. At Swezo, we have experience with all aspects of automotive repair – including starter replacement, timing belt installation, battery service, oil change services and more. If you think that there is something wrong with your vehicle but don’t know what it might be or how to fix it yourself, feel free to post a request today!

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