If you’re like most car enthusiasts and own a vintage car model, then you’re always on the lookout for rare and unique car parts in Melbourne and elsewhere. Getting parts for a car model that has been out of production for so long is perhaps the most challenging task than finding the new auto parts or professional mechanics!

But where can you find the best selection of rare car parts? The answer may surprise you. You can find some of the best rare auto parts online, at specialty stores that cater to car enthusiasts. These stores offer a wide selection of rare parts, to help you find exactly what you need. They also offer great prices and excellent customer service, so you can be sure you’re getting quality parts at a fair price. So, if you’re looking for something special in a car part, check out one of these specialty stores online. You won’t be disappointed!

Here are the best places to buy classic car parts in Australia, including Melbourne.

The Most Popular Places to Buy Rare Auto Parts for Old Cars


For those of you who are in flux about Swezo, let us tell you, it is the first and number one automotive platform to find the most reputable and trusted auto parts sellers in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and anywhere else in Australia. Old, rare or new auto parts, that platform has over 300 verified and licensed auto parts sellers offering unique car spares at affordable prices. From Mercedes, Jaguar and BMW to Rolls Royce, Skoda, Ferrari or Bugatti, you can get authentic sellers to supply you with high-quality rare parts for all car models. Be it car rubber parts or rust replacement panels, their extensive range of unique auto parts will surely help you get what you need at your desired price range.

How to make the most of Swezo?

  • Log into the website
  • Fill up all the details about your car – model, make, license number, the part you need, features, etc.
  • Post a request
  • Get free quotes from rare auto parts sellers around you

And did you know you can also use Swezo to get the best-rated car mechanics and wreckers in Australia? For major or minor car services or if you want to sell your old car parts, Swezo ranks as the most popular platform to get free quotes from car experienced and professional mechanics and auto wreckers near you.

2. Retro Spares

It is one of the well-known Australian classic online auto parts stores helping car owners to get reliable, top-quality and durable car parts. Retro Spares holds a reputation for maintaining an extensive stock of classic parts for most car models. The parts are sourced from licensed manufacturers who have designed each part very careful to maximize the functionality and efficiency of the vehicle. The catalogue comprises numerous products along with high resolution pictures and appropriate descriptions. From wheel spares and sun visors to fender panels and auto cables, Retro Spares is committed to simplifying your search for rare accessories and auto parts in Melbourne or elsewhere.

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Rare car parts in Melbourne

3. Rare Parts

Rare Parts is one of the top places that supplies renovation and restoration car parts across Australia. Established in 1991, Rare Parts boasts of extensive experience and knowledge as well as excellent customer service to ensure your search for the best rare car parts is smooth and hassle-free. Here, you can shop for brake components, body panels, interior trims, rubber seals, gaskets and bumpers, among others.

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4. Odin Auto Parts

Odin Auto Parts has over 40 years of experience in the auto parts selling industry and the team is composed of expert and qualified auto parts specialists who can help you get the right auto part. The professionals will search Odin Auto Parts stock holdings before reaching out to other suppliers. Be it Suzuki parts, Great Wall parts, Hyundai parts, Kia parts or Holden parts, Odin Auto Parts is dedicated to creating a simple and satisfying rare parts searching experience.

Rare car parts in Melbourne

5. Muscle & Classic Parts

Muscle and Classic Parts stands out for three reasons – cost-effectiveness, reliability and transparency. The brand has emerged as a trusted place for purchasing the finest auto parts for classic car models and assuring complete satisfaction to class car enthusiasts. With over 30 years of experience in this industry, Muscle & Classic Parts has made a mark in delivering superior quality and rare to find car parts in the market. Get the most sought-after restoration and performance parts and accessories for all classic car models under one roof.

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6. Rare Spares

Got an old Holden or Ford car model? Looking for high-quality rare auto parts for your old car? Rare Spares is your go-to place! From door mirror assembly and bumper kit boot to tail light fitting and thermostat gasket, Rare Spares offers a huge catalogue of rare car parts in Melbourne for old cars, precisely Ford, Holden and Valiant models. Furthermore, you can also purchase top-notch decals, rust repair panels, badges, door belts, weather seals and pedal pads for Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Datsun and Jaguar vehicle brands.

Rare car parts in Melbourne

7. Unique Auto Parts

Unique Auto Parts is a specialized place to buy rare parts for Mercedes Benz, Skoda, Mini Seat, Volvo, Renault, Peugeot and Citroen. The company has quickly emerged as the largest importer of European rare parts in Australia. Well-known for prompt delivery, Unique Auto Parts has over 20,000 rare parts in their inventory as well as a wide range of lubricants, oils and accessories as per your requirement.

Final Words: When the time comes to replace a rare car part, it can be difficult to find what you exactly require. With all these options in Melbourne, there’s no shortage of where you can go for your rare auto parts needs!  We hope you’ve found this helpful guide to be a useful resource for your next auto parts purchase. If not, we encourage you to continue searching through the list of resources above or by posting a request for rare car parts in Melbourne on Swezo. Good luck!

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