Do you find yourself in need of car parts? Maybe your engine is on the last leg and you know it’s time for a new one. Or perhaps you just want to upgrade the tyres on your SUV to something more off-road capable. Wherever you are in the process, finding quality auto parts can be overwhelming if you’re not sure where to look. You may be asking yourself: “where is the best place to buy new auto parts in Melbourne?”

Well, if that’s what you’re wondering then we have some great news! We know several places that have everything your car needs, from headlights and air filters to the engine oil and brake pads! These companies are distinguished in the industry with an unbeatable reputation for excellent customer service.

In this blog, we’ll tell you all about some of our favourite places to buy car parts in Melbourne. Read on!

The Leading Places to Buy Auto Parts in Melbourne 


Australia’s number one stopover to buy genuine and high-quality auto parts, Swezo ranks as one of the top online automotive marketplaces to get the best dealers for OEM car parts as well as used auto parts for different car models, brands, makes and conditions. The platform has over 300 registered and certified auto parts sellers who have a vast array of auto parts, both recycled and new and it includes crankshaft, timing chain, spark plugs, car battery, alternator, radiator, ball joints, brakes and….phew! The list is endless!

The auto parts sellers associated with Swezo are reputable for maintaining a large inventory of auto parts for all vehicle brands, starting from Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Toyota to BMW, Mitsubishi, Ferrari, Mercedes and more.

Are you thinking that buying new car parts is an utterly expensive affair? Here, at Swezo, the car parts are available at a cost-effective price. Hence, car owners and car parts buyers, if you’re still typing ‘where to find affordable car parts in Melbourne?’ let your search come to a stop with Swezo.

Oh! And do you know about Swezo’s latest business undertaking? The name is Swezo Deals, an exclusive e-commerce store offering a wide collection of car accessories. The categories include auto replacement parts, car electronics, interior and exterior accessories and so much more.

Simply put, Swezo is an all-in-one store that takes the perfect care of your car. From car mechanics to auto parts buyers and sellers (and now, even the most stylish car accessories), this automotive marketplace pledges to keep your car in good shape till its last breath!

2. City Wreckers Melbourne

Another reliable supplier after Swezo is City Wreckers Melbourne. Here, you can find both recycled and new car parts as per your need. The auto parts sellers maintain a comprehensive stock of car parts for every car model and make and the parts are priced at a reasonable rate. The reusable parts are segregated by a certified team of auto technicians before wrecking a vehicle. This is done to make sure the auto parts are of the highest quality before being sold to car part buyers or vehicle owners.

Have a query about a particular auto part? Don’t worry! Their team of technicians is ready to provide an instant solution or advice.

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Installing a new car battery

3. Burson Auto Parts

If you visit their website, “Australia’s preferred trade supplier of parts, tools, accessories and workshop equipment” will grab your attention instantly. And it’s true! The Australian owned and operated car part trade specialist has a record of 50 years of success in supplying auto parts from brands like Boston Mechanic, Bosch, Bendix, Exedy, IBS, Inox and more.

Established in 1971, Burson Auto Parts has over 1,800 team members and more than 200 car parts stores all over Australia dedicated to catering to the requirements of automotive aftermarket trade customers. It is also a one stop store for tools and equipment and offers top-notch tools from brands like Autel, Autoland, Ecotechnics, Gartec and Pro-Cut, among others.

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4. All Vehicle Accessories

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, All Vehicle Accessories began as a towbar fitting centre in Melbourne during the ‘70s. In 2004, it was renamed All Vehicle Accessories and emerged as one of the leading suppliers of aftermarket vehicle accessories like ECB Bullbars, Kingsley Van Windows, RedArc Electronic Brake Controllers and more. The company offers onsite installation of the auto parts, secured and seamless payment options and accepts online bookings. Here, you can shop for Mountain Top UTE roll cover, cargo barriers, roof racks, towbars and…check out their website to know more about their collection!

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Evaluate the car parts properly before purchasing

5. Unique Auto Parts

Located at Lanyon Street, Dandenong, Unique Auto Parts specializes in offering auto parts in Melbourne for car brands like Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Skoda, Renault, Peugeot and Volvo, among others. The company emerged as a reputable supplier of European spare parts in Australia and today, Unique Auto Parts serves customers from four store locations – Melbourne, Victoria – Mornington, Brisbane and Perth.

Want to know what car parts can you find here? You’ll get:

  • Shock absorbers
  • Auto dipstick tool
  • Strut mount bearing
  • Brake disc
  • Oil filter
  • Electric fan

    And lots more!

We hope this guide will help you find the best auto parts in Melbourne. If you still need assistance, post a request on Swezo and we’ll help you connect with quality auto parts suppliers near your location. We can help you find all of the high-quality car accessories that are available at different prices. Whether it’s a new set of wiper blades or an OEM alternator to restore power to your vehicle after dark, we have what you need on our website. Have some spare time? You can also post requests for items on our site so other sellers may offer them to you directly. From quality brakes pads to LED lights, anything automotive related is just one click away with this online marketplace. To learn more about how Swezo works, visit us today.

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