Cars are expensive. We don’t mean just the price of your car, but how much it costs to keep up with its maintenance. One thing that often goes overlooked is the seat cover on our cars. If you look under them, they can be dirty and worn down from years of use, especially if you have children or pets. The best way to avoid this is to replace your old car seat cover so they will continue looking new as long as possible.

Is It the Right Time to Change Your Car Seat Covers?

Many people don’t think about the seat cover in their car until it gets dirty or worn out, but one of the secrets behind maintaining your car interior is replacing your seat covers at the right time. This is because they trap dirt and sweat that can cause rashes and hot spots on your skin when left for too long.

Read below for more information about when exactly you should change out your seat cove

1.It doesn’t fit properly

This usually happens when you buy a ‘universal’ car cover, that is, what we refer to as free size when selecting the size of any piece of garment. Such car covers aren’t made for any particular vehicle brand or model. Instead, these covers are available in a few sizes only.

Consequently, the car cover may not fit your vehicle appropriately, leaving your car prone to damage. Hence, if you’re looking for a snugger fit throwing some stylish appeal to the seats, you should certainly eye for quilted car seat covers or double color full car seat covers.

2. It is torn or damaged

It is quite natural for anything to experience wear and tear with regular usage. If your car parts, like the windshield or brake pads require replacement, so does your car seat covers when they appear torn or ripped. Check if the car cover has any visible signs of damage. Often, if the car covers are made of poor-quality materials, they can have large holes, rips and tears too easily, leaving your car exterior exposed to environmental damage, prompting you to go for car repairs.

Replacing your car seat cover
Changing the car seat covers adds appeal to your car interior

3. Your car is smelling bad or having moulds

Yes, you’ve read that right! A damaged car cover is also responsible for allowing such pesky, nasty intruders to grow and inhabit inside your car. You may have just removed the car cover only to sniff a foul odour or a fresh burst of mustiness hitting sharply at your nose.

Now, what does this mean?

It’s simple! Your car cover has failed to perform its function of keeping moisture at bay. Instead, moisture is entering inside the vehicle and providing a conducive environment to promote mould growth. Moulds are fond of damp, dark and warm surroundings with little or no airflow. A premium-quality car cover should block moisture while regulating airflow effectively at the same time. When your car interior is dry and moisture-free, moulds and mildews can never grow!

4. Your car looks dusty and dirty despite cleaning

Be it from your furniture or car, keeping away dust particles can never be a walk in the park unless you’re using a powerful portable vacuum cleaner. If you remove the car seat cover and find your seats nicely enveloped in dust, be sure that it’s time to search for the best car seat cover near me on Google.

Dust particles, at a first glance, may appear to be harmless but don’t forget, it is powerful enough to get you sneezing and coughing for the rest of the day. If you are allergic to dust, purchasing a car cover that offers superior protection against dust, is a wise decision. Furthermore, you can easily vacuum loose dust particles but if they get embedded on the surface, stubborn stains are formed, making your car interior look nothing but unattractive.

So, ditch the old seat cover! It’s the perfect time to upgrade your car interior to a new style and enjoy the benefits.

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Replacing your car seat cover
Transform the look of your car interior with new seat covers

Is there any specific period after which the car seat covers must be changed?

As a rule of thumb, car seat covers are designed to last for five to seven years. Conversely, many car owners believe that if the car seats last for a lifetime, so should the car seat covers. But that’s not true!

According to the experts at most automotive stores, car seat covers must be replaced every one and a half years. Nevertheless, the urgent need for car seat cover replacement is only realized when the covers look faded, have mould growth and foul smell or are peeling off.

Replacing your car seat covers from time to time is necessary, especially for aesthetic reasons. When the seat covers look impressive, they render a wonderful appeal to the entire car interior since your seats are the centre of attraction inside your vehicle.

And who doesn’t want their car interior to appear fabulous? 

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Where to Buy Premium Quality Car Seat Covers?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time for new car seat covers. The good news is that there are many stylish ones available online today! From brands like Swezo Deals, you can get everything from chic leather options with faux fur accents to more earth-conscious fabric selections in vibrant colors and prints. Looking for the best deals on all your favorite car accessories? There’s no need to look further than Swezo Deals! Our team members have been shopping around town for years so we can guarantee our prices will beat what you’ll find elsewhere. Let us know if this blog has helped answer any lingering questions about when it’s time to say goodbye to your old car seat covers!

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