Do you know that wheel bearing is the most important part of a car’s suspension system? They help keep your tyres in contact with the ground for maximum traction, and without them, your wheels would just spin around in every way. It’s pretty amazing how many things can go wrong when they’re not properly maintained. That’s why experts providing car repair and services emphasize lubricating the wheel bearing regularly.

But before we tell why you should never skip this step, let us understand a few more details about wheel bearing and your car.

Wheel Bearing – How to Know When They’re Having Problems & What to Do

1.What is wheel bearing?

A wheel bearing is an integral component of the wheel assembly of a vehicle, connecting the wheel and axle. They are a set of balls or tapers placed together with the help of a metal ring. These help in rotating the wheels smoothly with no friction. The wheels at the center of the vehicle have hollow pieces of metal known as hubs inside which, the wheel bearing is placed very tightly and rely on the use of metal axle shafts for movement, which in turn, reduce friction when the wheels are spinning.

2.Why lubricate wheel bearings?

They’re tiny, but they have a big job to do! Without lubrication, wheel bearings wouldn’t be able to carry the weight of all that steel. Taking care of the wheel bearings is crucial because they help the wheels spin smoothly.

The bearings in the wheel hub help to reduce the amount of force needed to turn the tyre, and without them you would have a much difficult time moving around the town. It’s important to maintain these bearings so they don’t wear out prematurely because this will lead to bigger problems down the road. Lubricate your wheel bearings at regular intervals so you can enjoy driving for years instead of months or weeks!

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3.How to know when you need to lubricate your wheel bearings?

Besides roller bearings, ball bearings are the most popular variety of wheel bearings used in vehicles today. You’ll know when your car’s wheel bearings are running out of lubrication when they start making some weird, unusual noises and make you wonder, ‘do I need to book car repair and services?’

To tell the truth, you need to call a professional mechanic to diagnose your vehicle with the right treatment. But before that, these could be the causes at play that indicate your wheel bearing needs lubrication.

  • Excessive friction: Lubrication is done to reduce friction between the adjacent components and bearing parts, for instance, between spindle or axle. The heat that is produced from friction can accelerate deterioration for the wheel bearing in various ways and reduce friction between bearing as well as adjacent parts like axle or spindle.
  • Corrosive deposition: Debris, salt and water affect wheel bearing and it corrodes overtime. Regularly lubricating the wheel bearing helps to maintain a protective barrier against such contaminants. As a result, the structural integrity of wheel bearing is preserved and protected.
  • Structural integrity is affected: Since wheel bearing is imperative for proper wheel rotation, they must always have a stable structure. Moreover, wheel bearing is also crucial for enhancing the safe operation of the vehicle. Applying lubricants help bearings to endure a wide variety of loads and function as a stabilizing force for the bearing framework. On calling a professional car mechanic, they will perform detailed checks to know if the structural design of the wheel bearings is impacted. If yes, it can be restored by lubricating straightaway.

Conclusion: Wheel bearings are the small, round pieces that keep your car’s wheels from grinding against each other. They’re made of a metal and rubber mixture and they hold up to so much friction because they’re lubricated by grease. This is why you should always check them periodically for signs of wear or rusting which will indicate it’s time for a new set. If you still feel unsure or not confident if your wheel bearings need replacing, ask our expert mechanics at Swezo who can help with all your vehicle needs! With our affordable car repair and services rates and reliable mechanics, we make sure anyone who comes through our doors gets taken care of with quality service at each visit.

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