Rotating your car tyres is a crucial aspect of your regular car maintenance routine, especially if you drive long distances. Most people don’t know how often the tyres should be rotated and this can cause damage and wear on their vehicle’s suspension system. Not only will car tyre rotation help to extend the life of your car, but it can also save money. You may think that rotating tyres is a difficult task or one that requires special equipment; however, neither is true! With just a few simple steps and some patience on your part, you’ll be well on your way to extending the life of all four of your tyres.

Not many car owners are aware of the significance of tyre rotation and how to do it. Hence, in this blog, we will go over all the basics like how often your tyres should be rotated, why is it important and more. So, sit back and relax as we dive into everything there is to know about car tyre rotation.

What do you mean by car tyre rotation?

Tyre rotation refers to a series of steps followed to change the position of the tyres of your vehicle. The front and rear tyres are interchanged to ensure all the four tyres of your vehicle wear uniformly. It is important to remember that tyre rotation is only suggested for vehicles that have tyres of equal size and are not directional. As a word of advice from experienced auto mechanics, if you’re installing new tyres, they should always go on the rear axle.

How often should your tyres be rotated?

This is one question that we often hear car owners asking us. How frequently should you rotate your car tyres boils down to the condition of your car. No one vehicle is like the other. Thus, it is advisable to check your owner’s manual to understand how often should you go for car tyre rotation.

As a rule of thumb, most vehicles are recommended to have their tyres rotated after every 6,000 miles or 6 months, unless the car manufacturer has specified the tyre rotation frequency in the user manual.

But that doesn’t mean you need to stay calm and relaxed even after observing irregular tyre tread patterns! If that’s the case, don’t delay in posting a request for the best mechanics in Melbourne on Swezo and soon, your car tyres will be replaced.

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Mechanic performing car tyre rotation
Mechanic changing the wheels of a car

What is the procedure for rotating the car tyres?

Rotating the car tyres is probably one of the simplest car maintenance tasks you can accomplish. It surely involves money but the amount is very little and doesn’t require much effort. When performed correctly, it can go a long way in improving the fuel efficiency of your car as well as increasing the lifespan of the tyres.

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Do you need to follow any specific tyre rotation pattern?

Yes. Tyre rotation can be done in different ways. But before we tell you about that, you must understand three vital things – tyre sizes, directional tyres and spare tyres. These are the three crucial factors that help to determine the pattern of tyre rotation that is best suitable for your car.

Tyre sizes: The pattern of car tyre rotation is directly related to the size of the tyre. Do you know why? There’s a very simple reason behind this. A tyre can only be interchanged with another when the sizes of the two tyres are the same, isn’t it? Thus, this is a critical factor to be considered for vehicles with tyres of different sizes.

Directional tyres: If the tyres turn to only in one direction, they’re referred to as directional tyres. As a result, directional tyres can be installed only in particular positions and that helps you understand the most appropriate tyre rotation pattern for your car.

But you need to think about this only if your car has directional tyres. If it doesn’t, who cares!

Spare tyres: And last but not the least are your spare tyres. If you’re considering rotating the spare tyre, be ready to make some small alterations to the pattern. Confused if you should rotate your spare tyre too? Yes is the answer if you want to extend the lifespan of this tyre also.

Below mentioned are the various tyre rotation patterns you can employ if your car tyres are not directional and of the same size:

  • The X pattern: This pattern follows a very simple procedure where the wheels on the right are placed on the left in a diagonal pattern and vice-versa.
  • The forward cross pattern: Here, the tyres on the front axle must be positioned on the rear. The rear tyres should move forward but to the opposite side, right to left and vice-versa.
  • The rearward cross pattern: This is the reverse of the forward cross. Can you guess? In this pattern, the rear wheels go to the front and the front tyres are placed backwards and the sides are switched again.

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A mechanic carrying a car tyre for rotation
An auto mechanic carrying new tyres for a car

What rotation pattern must be followed if the tyres are directional?

If your car has directional tyres, unfortunately, you have limited rotation patterns:

• Change the position of the tyres from left to right. Dismount the tyres from their rims and remount them prior to installing.

• Move the tyres on the front axle to the rear.

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What is the cost of a tyre rotation in Australia?

The cost of a car tyre rotation in Australia starts from $50. However, tyre rotation is generally included along with other car services like lubricating wheel bearing, tyre replacement and alignment. You can get the best advantages when you perform all the services at the same time.

What if you don’t rotate your car tyres?

When the car tyres aren’t rotated regularly, chances are the tyres will wear irregularly on one side. As a result, you’ll encounter problems like increased vibrations, more noise and less traction while driving. Simply put, your car’s performance and safety will be endangered.

Where to Get the Best Car Service in Melbourne for Tyre Rotation?

Rotation is the process of moving tyres from one position to another on a vehicle’s axle, in order to ensure even wear and prevent uneven tyre pressure. It’s important that you rotate your tyres according to their age and type (either directional or non-directional). This will help extend tyre life and improve fuel economy. If you don’t follow this rule, then it could lead to premature tyre failure which can be expensive for car owners! So, if you’re looking for the best car service in Melbourne for tyre rotation, just post a request on Swezo and you’ll be contacted by reputable and certified mechanics within minutes. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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