What do you think makes your car stand out? The model, the brand, the colour or something else? For me, it’s definitely how my car looks from the inside. Everyone loves cars, especially how the interior is decorated and organized using certain accessories, starting with practical tech stuff to useful efficient things like an air purifier. These accessories in your car can make your vehicle feel like home. I know what your next question is gonna be. “Are these car accessories practical or do they just look good?”

The list of top 10 car accessories, which I’m going to discuss below, is certainly practical and aesthetic enough to enhances the look and feel of your car. But most importantly, these accessories serve a purpose, ensuring a safe ride.

Let’s begin with our list of the most useful car accessories that are must-haves for every car.

Best Car Accessories to Fix Your Eyes Upon

1. Car vacuum cleaner

Can I get a cheer from all the OCD peeps and sparkling clean freaks here? This is the best thing invented for mankind especially for those who love cars and cleanliness. The portable vacuum cleaner is a must-have accessory because it can make your car free of dust in a jiffy and you don’t have to worry about not being hygienic.

2. Car seat massager

The word “massager” sends in positive vibes already and imagine a soothing massaging session while going to your office or during a ride back home after a long tiring day. Who doesn’t love a massage on the go! This is the best car accessory for people who are on the road for most of the time. Stress and anxiety can cause a lot of unproductive days. This car seat massager helps you to reduce your stress levels and also makes your ride fun, and relaxing.

3. Car refrigerator

Craving for some ice cream but driving in the middle of the road? Here comes car refrigerator to your rescue! I cannot emphasize how many times I was driving across the country and travelling for hours without any food and water facilities around. This accessory makes your car look luxurious, efficient and keeps you hunger-free throughout the ride.

4. Car mattress

Okay, let me stop you right there and ask how many times has it happened that you had to sleep in your car for the whole night and when you wake up you were left with only restlessness, pain and fatigue? I am sure everyone has felt this one time or another in their lives. The solution? Simple, car mattress. Having this miraculous product in my car has not only blessed me with a good night sleep during my travel days but also made me look smarter in front of the ones who haven’t invested in it yet.

Pro Tip: The car mattress always comes in handy during camping trips.

5. Hand sanitizer

It is 2021 and I don’t need to remind you why having this car accessory is the most important thing in the world. Having a cute bottle of hand sanitiser doesn’t just make you look cool but also makes you look like a responsible citizen. Using hand sanitiser every now and then keeps you and others safe from any kind of viruses (CIVID-19 it is) or diseases.

6. Dashcam

Dashcams are by far one of the best car accessories when it comes to car gadgets. They not only make your car look attractive but also help you become nostalgic by recording the best trips you have had. And, can we all agree that road trips are one of the best memories one has?

Oh, wait! Apart from that, they are also very handy when it comes to legal authorities. The dashcam recordings can be used as a source of evidence in accidents that might occur. So, don’t hesitate to get this affordable car accessory for yourself.

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7. Portable coffee maker

Just like petrol is the fuel for your car, coffee is the fuel for your body and one can’t do without it especially while driving. The portable coffee maker is affordable, accessible and most importantly enjoyable. Coffee addicts, you need this during those long drives or when you can’t find a coffee shop to keep you warm, portable coffee maker is your go-to option. Till now, it’s one of my favourite car accessories I have invested in.

8. Air purifier

Cars are made up of a lot of materials, from iron, steel and leather to plastic, unpleasant smells can develop inside your car for various reasons. And on top of that if you add the smell of human beings, (body odour, etc.), it is impure air throughout. And who can sit inhaling impure air during the whole journey?

I am sorry if your car smells I am gonna jump out of it in the middle of the road!

How do you think a smelly car will make an impression about you on your first date. Bad situation to be in right? Worry no more! We have the perfect solution for this air and smell problem and it is called“AIR PURIFIER”. An air purifier makes the car a pleasant place to be in by just releasing wonderful fragrances.

9. Portable car battery jump starter

It is as simple as the name suggests. It jump starts the ignition of the car once the battery dies and is the most valuable car accessory, especially when the battery of the car can die any time during any drive. You don’t want to be stuck on a deserted road with no cell service or emergency pick up with a dead car battery, isn’t it?

10. Car speakers

Now, this is the funniest part. When I say car, the top three things that come to my mind are- road trips, friends and music. What is music without loudspeakers and road trips without your friends trying to match up the lyrics on top of their lungs? That is why my last must-have car accessory on this list is car speakers, to have that awesome, fun and memorable road trip.

Car accessories are not just a luxury but necessities to make our rides comfortable and safe. With the constant evolution of technology, car accessories help you navigate through your trip in a much more efficient manner, making your journey super smooth, convenient and secure. If you’re searching for the most trustworthy place to shop the brand new or used auto parts, you should certainly check out Swezo. As Australia’s first online automotive marketplace, here you can connect with thousands of auto part sellers, buyers and also, car mechanics. For more details, reach us on Swezo.

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