When it comes to your car, you want nothing but the best. You may not always have time or money for a full-blown mechanic’s appointment. Car owners need their cars to be reliable when they are needed the most. When there is an issue with a car part or something else entirely, they turn to professional mechanics to help them out and ensure safety while driving again soon after.

Car owners do not want high prices and long wait times; they just want their cars fixed asap so life can go on normally again! And it’s no secret that finding a good mechanic in Victoria is like finding a needle in the haystack. Especially, if there are thousands of automotive platforms to choose from.

Leave aside confusion, for today, we’re here to recognize who are the best car mechanics in Victoria.


Let’s begin!

The Best Car Mechanics in Victoria

1. Swezo

Swezo is your next-generation service provider for car mechanics in Victoria. It’s a little different from a conventional auto parts store where you have to take your car and the mechanics will determine the issue and fix it.

Swezo is garnering massive attention among Australian car owners for their super quick, groundbreaking feature – you just need to post a request for car mechanics on the website and only certified mechanics will offer you a quote within 20 seconds. And it’s all for free!

Just one request and a qualified mechanic is at your door. Whether you need windscreen, brake pad or battery replacement, mechanics are always ready to offer you premium quality services at affordable rates.

While the average price for windscreen replacement is $150, for replacing brake pads, it is $100. Wondering what are the other reasons that make Swezo unique and popular?

The top-ranking online automotive marketplace is distinguished for:

  • Offering a hassle-free process to anyone searching for car mechanics
  • You can find a mechanic within your budget
  • Business operators can get new leads
  • A highly professional and top-notch automotive maintenance service provider
  • Secure online payment method
  • 24/7 dedicated support

And that’s not all. Besides getting a certified mechanic to fix your car, Swezo has also become a trusted place to buy genuine car parts and car accessories.

The following customer review shows how Swezo is on a high ride when it comes to offering the best-in-class service:

Jenny Wilson

A wide range of quotes to choose from and excellent support. I used Swezo to replace an existing driver seat. The perfect system to purchase auto parts. It’s no brainer. Love it.

P.S. It’s also one of the authentic platforms to get helpful car maintenance tips, tricks and expert guides coming straight from the most notable mechanics in Victoria.

2. Eltham Motors

Eltham Motors stands out for accumulating over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, providing tailored services for all your motoring needs. The company offers a wide range of automotive maintenance services that includes checks and repairs of four-wheelers, motorbikes and vehicles having diesel applications. The friendly crew exhibits extensive knowledge in this industry, knowing every way to help you out with your vehicle repair and services.

The team adopts a proactive approach when it comes to solving complex problems related to the engine, gearboxes, transmission, brakes, clutches and more. The mechanics at Eltham Motors are also qualified to perform New Car Warranty service and repairs with the necessary expertise.

The automotive repair company is reputable for using only ‘genuine or appropriate quality’ car parts and oils and takes every step to ensure customers are satisfied.

Let your mechanic check for damage, wear & tear

3. Kmart Tyre & Auto Services

As one of the largest automotive service and repair businesses, MyCar Tyre & Auto, formerly called Kmart Tyre & Auto Services, takes pride in delivering quality automotive repair service as per the industry standard. Their motto is ‘before everything else, customers come first.” With over 1,300 employees working nationally, MyCar has emerged as one of the major employers in the Australian automotive sector.

Besides getting mechanics for any car issue, MyCar is also a popular place to shop for tyres of world-class brands like Good Year, Viking, Diamond Black and more. The professionals can also visit your home to fit the tyres properly.

You can also avail reliable repair services for auto electrical, clutch, cooling systems, exhaust system or suspension issues. 

4. The Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (VACC)

If you’re typing on your phone, ‘an expert car mechanic near me’ you may happen to notice the Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (VACC) grabbing your attention. Established in 1918, VACC offers its members access to a slew of measures that assist them in the seamless functioning of their automotive businesses.

The automotive enterprise boasts of having 15 Industry Divisions providing effective solutions for passenger vehicles, heavy vehicles, farm machinery and motorcycles, among others. The member businesses at VACC are recognized for carrying out a range of services like crash repairs, vehicle sales, fuel sales, tyres installation and sales, radiator servicing and repair and so on.

5. Jim’s Mobile Mechanics

Jim Penman, almost like Chai Bade (the founder of Swezo), got the idea of starting a mobile mechanics business while pursuing Ph.D in history. What began as a part-time gardening business, became a full-time business in 1982 and got franchised in 1989. The staff comprises only trained and qualified mechanics who can undertake any automotive issue and offer the most relevant solution.

The company maintains an impressive record for performing a wide range of repairs, designed to keep your vehicle in perfect shape and order. You can avail mechanic services for battery replacement, jump starting, radiator, hose and coolant replacements, suspension and steering checks, timing belts and chain replacement and the list continues!

car mechanics in Victoria
Mechanics in Victoria offer a wide range of services

6. VIK Mobile Workshop

Need one more VACC certified mobile car repairer? Let your search come to an end with VIK Mobile Workshop! Established in 2008 by Vik Pudaruth, VIK Mobile Workshop Pty. Ltd is already one of the best mechanics service providers in Melbourne, Victoria visiting homes 6 days a week and offering a wide array of repair services at flat rates, irrespective of the time or day.

VIK Mobile Workshop specializes in performing car servicing, (including logbook services for new vehicles which still have the manufacture warranty) as well as provides services for suspension, auto electrical, air conditioning, brakes and so on.

7. Azzco Deluxe Garage

If you look at the ‘about us’ section of Azzco Deluxe Garage, it says you can visit them ‘for the best Car Service in Hoppers Crossing’. The independently owned family business was founded in 1989 and is in the current management since 2017. Nationally accredited, the services provided by Azzco Deluxe Garage include auto electrical repairs, brake and clutch checks and replacements, 150 point inspection, air conditioning inspection and repair, engine reconditioning, mobile mechanic and more.

Some of the noteworthy reasons for visiting Azzco Deluxe Garage are:

  • VACC accredited member
  • Premium quality paint protection/polishing services
  • Licensed roadworthy tester
  • Courtesy cars
  • Local Roadside Assistance even during business hours

8. M & G Maiolo

A local mechanic in Victoria backed by Repco, M & G Maiolo is a sought-after family owned and operated car repair and services provider in North Fitzroy, Victoria and is reputable for offering best in class car services to customers. The automotive company renders expertise in Auto Electrical Service and Transmission Service for all vehicle brands and models.

9. Bosch Car Service

Being one of the outstanding car repair, mechanic and services providers, Bosch Car Service boasts of having only highly qualified auto electricians and has also accumulated extensive experience performing repairs on imported European cars. Not only that, but the professional mechanics also carry out logbook servicing for new cars and are equipped with the necessary infrastructure to perform major car repairs and servicing.

10. Care Plus Auto Services

Doesn’t the name sound like a centre providing caregiving services? Well, you’ve got that right because it is a caregiver for different automobile brands and models. Established in 1954, the auto repair company in Victoria, Australia is a one-stop destination for all your car repair and servicing needs. The state-of-the-art service centre is a member of the VACC, RACV and IAME and holds a reputation for providing top-class vehicle service and repair for logbook servicing, air conditioning, fault diagnosis, suspension and steering, brakes and…you need to visit the website yourself to know more!

Top car mechanics in Victoria
Select your mechanics in Victoria wisely

Phew! So there goes the list containing all the best places that provide you with the most trusted and qualified car mechanics in Victoria. We hope our blog has simplified your search and made your hunt for the best car mechanic a lot easier than before! Swezo is one of the best-ranking online automotive marketplaces in Australia that connects car owners with the right mechanics within seconds. Curious to know more? Check out https://swezo.com.au/how-it-works

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