Australians love their cars. For a country as small as ours, we surely have a lot of cars. According to a 2017 study, for every 1000 people, we have 775 cars. However, the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing global shortage of semi-conductors has slowed down things. Due to longer wait times for upcoming cars, only 80,639 new cars were sold as of November 2021.

But things are getting better gradually and there’s a lot of anticipation regarding the new and upcoming cars hitting the Australian market in 2022. With the prices of used cars remaining high, people are more likely to favour new over used cars. According to a Trading Economics forecast, Australians are expected to buy 87000 new cars in 2022.

Upcoming Cars Hitting the Australian Market in 2022

The new year is here. And after all the gloom that the last two years have bought the world, it’s finally the time to bring joy to our lives. And what better way to do it than buy a brand-new car. So, without further ado, let’s see what’s in store for Australian car enthusiasts in 2022.

Although there are a lot of cars from many brands coming to Australia in 2022, these are our favourite top 5 models. Check them out!

1.  Ford Ranger Coming to Australia in Early 2022

Ford, one of Australia’s top 5 selling car brands is coming up with a new model of its highly successful Ford Ranger. Ford has revealed its Next-generation Ford Ranger and the brand claims it to be “the smartest, the most versatile and most capable Ranger ever”.  The Ute comes with a powerful V6 turbo diesel engine model. Its look is inspired by Ford’s own F-15 large pick-up truck and the Bronco SUV.

On the design front, the upcoming car will have a higher track width and wheelbase. It also comes with a coast-to-coast instrumental panel that features a large LCD touchscreen3. On top of that, this car is locally designed in Australia. The car will come in XL, XLT, Sport and WildTrak models. Ford Ranger will offer four engine models including two diesel engines, one petrol and one hybrid. The new car is expected to hit the Australian roads in the first quarter of 2022.

2.  Toyota Corolla Cross Expected to Release by the End of 2022

The Most Awaited & Upcoming Cars of 2022
Toyota Corolla Cross 2022- The Most Awaited & Upcoming Cars of 2022

Toyota has been the top-selling car brand in Australia for many years. And to retain its top spot, it has come up with yet another SUV – Toyota Corolla Cross. The car is expected to be available in Australian showrooms by the last quarter of 2022.

Not much has been revealed about the car, but we know that it would be similar in size to Toyota’s CH-R and would be available in both petrol and petrol-hybrid engines. It is speculated that the car will come with a 2.0-litre hybrid system option. The Corolla Cross Hybrid is expected to be one of the most powerful models in the small SUV segment.

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3.  Upcoming Car from Honda – HR-V Arrives in Early 2022

About half of the cars purchased in Australia are SUVs. So, it’s no surprise that 2022 will see the launch of a lot of SUVs in the Australian market. One such SUV is the new Honda HR-V. Honda is stepping away from the sedan towards SUV with this new car model.

The upcoming car from Honda faces competition from the new Toyota Corolla Cross and the already available Toyota CH-R, Mazda CX-30 and Mitsubishi ASX. The car stocks have become available now. It comes with a hybrid engine variant and switches between different drive modes automatically. The new HRV comes with 1.8-litre i-VTEC Engine and Magic Seats.

4.  Kia Brings its New Electric Car EV6 to the Australian Market

Around 56% of Australians said they would buy an electric car, according to a 2020 survey. Given the popularity of electric cars increasing, many brands are introducing hybrid and fully electric cars in the Australian market. And the South-Korean carmaker, Kia is unveiling its first battery-electric car, EV6 in Australia at the beginning of 2022.

This is the car for ecologically conscious buyers. Buying a zero-emissions vehicle is something to look forward to. According to the official website, many components of the EV6 including its seats and floor mats are made of recycled materials. The car comes with a 77.4 kWh battery that can drive up to 510 km when fully charged.  This is going to be quite a high-performing electric car.

It has a V2L function that can work as your portable electric supply. EV-6 has a futuristic design and comes with ultra-fast charging. It takes only 4.5 minutes to charge for a 100-km drive. Although the car is compact from the outside, it has been designed to create ample space from the inside.

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5.  An All-new Nissan Z to Hit the Market in 2022

The Most Awaited & Upcoming Cars of 2022
Nissan Z 2022 – The Most Awaited & Upcoming Cars of 2022

There’s some bitter-sweet news for sports car lovers. Nissan will be retiring its iconic 370Z car in 2022 and replacing it with an all-new Nissan Z. The car will hit the Australian roads sometime in 2022 and the exact dates are not yet known. This sports car has been given a retro look and a 3.0-litre twin-petrol V6 engine.

This upcoming car from Nissan comes with 298 KW of power. It’s going to be a high-performing car, something to look forward to for the adrenaline junkies. This rear-drive coupe comes with a six-speed manual transmission feature, a feature that is rare in today’s cars.

Wrapping up

The future of the Australian automotive industry looks promising. We are excited for a lot of upcoming cars hitting the market in 2022. Our top 5 favourites are mentioned above. Whether you are a sports car lover or want a rugged SUV, we have got you covered. Our list of favourites includes something for everyone.

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