The number of cars older than 12 years is increasing by 15%. This means that more and more cars are going to need part replacements. Yours might be one of them too. This car has outlived all your exes and you obviously love it more. So, it is understandable that you are confused about whether to buy brand new or used car parts.

This is an important decision and needs a lot of consideration. So, we are here to help.

Types of Car Parts

First things first, let’s understand what types of car parts are available in the market.

Original or OEM Parts

OEM is “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” These are the car parts that are manufactured by your car’s original manufacturer. These are brand new parts made especially for your car model. OEM parts can often be expensive, however, they come with a warranty and last longer.

New Aftermarket Parts

These car parts are also new, but they aren’t manufactured by your car’s original manufacturer. Instead, a third-party company manufactures them for general use. They are commonly known as generic parts. The main difference between these and the OEM parts is that these aren’t created specifically for your car make and model. This means that these parts can be a little less reliable than the OEM ones. On the upside, these are cheaper.

Should you buy new or used car parts?

Used Car Parts

As the name suggests, these are the car parts that have already been used, also known as second-hand parts. You can easily get used car parts in Melbourne or anywhere else from junkyards, swap meets and auto dealers. The easier way to get them is by posting a request on Swezo, Australia’s leading automotive marketplace that helps you connect with trusted auto parts sellers, mechanics and wreckers. You can even order the parts online. You can easily find original used car parts using the part code. Used parts are more affordable and reliable than the brand-new and aftermarket ones.

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New vs Used Car Parts – The Pros and Cons

Now that we know the options available, it’s time to make a choice. Whenever you need to make a big decision, it’s useful to make a pro and con list of all the options available to help you take the right decision. And that’s what we will do here.

Advantages of Buying New Original Car Parts

A lot of car owners might prefer buying new car parts, especially if there has been significant damage to the car vehicle or the car is relatively new. The biggest reasons to buy brand-new OEM car parts are:

1.No wear and tear: These are car parts which have never been used before, so, there’s no wear and tear involved and can last longer.

2. Fully compatible: These parts have been created specifically for your car’s make and model, making them fully compatible with your car.

3. Longer warranty: An OEM part comes with a warranty that remains in force even after the car’s warranty has expired.

4. Quality: Since these parts are manufactured by your car’s original manufacturer, the product quality will remain unaltered.

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New vs used car parts

Disadvantages of Buying New Original Car Parts

While buying a new car part might seem like a good idea, it suffers from the following drawbacks:

1.Expensive: There’s no doubt about the fact that brand new car parts are far more expensive than used car parts and aftermarket parts.

2. Can be difficult to find: Finding an OEM part for your car can sometimes turn out to be quite a headache. You can get these parts only from the original manufacturer or an authorized dealer. Sometimes, it also means a longer wait period. Finding OEM parts gets even tougher if you drive an old or vintage car.

Pros of New Aftermarket Car Parts

A more affordable alternative to OEM parts is the aftermarket or generic parts. The main benefits of purchasing these parts are:

1.More affordable: Aftermarket car parts can cost up to 60% lesser than OEM parts. So, you get the peace of mind of buying a new part while saving a significant amount of money.

2. Easily Available: Unlike OEM parts, you don’t need to order generic parts from the original manufacturer. These parts are easily available both offline and online. You can purchase these parts instantly without having to wait for long periods.

3. Wider Choice: Buying OEM parts greatly restricts the number of alternatives available. However, when you are buying aftermarket parts, the number of choices is virtually infinite.

4. Availability of Better Quality: One of the greatest things about generic car parts is that you can always get a part that is of higher quality than the original part. This will cost you more but can be worth your while, especially if you are restoring an old car.

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Cons of Generic Car Parts

Car manufacturers strongly recommend buying OEM parts for your car. And replacing your car parts with generic ones can often depreciate the resale value of your car. Some other cons of buying aftermarket parts can be:

1.No warranty: Generic parts often come with a limited or no warranty. On top of that, buying a generic car part might void your car’s service warranty as well.

2. Compatibility issues: Since the part isn’t specifically created for your car model, there’s a possibility that it might not be compatible with your car.

3. Quality issues: Not all aftermarket parts are made equally, they come in different qualities. And there’s a chance that a part you purchase might be of inferior quality. It’s very important to purchase aftermarket car parts from a trusted dealer.

4. Knowledge of cars: Having a wide variety of choices available is a double-edged sword. You need to have strong knowledge about your car and the required parts to be able to purchase the right part.

Advantages of Buying Used Car Parts

If statistics are anything to go by, many people are opting to buy used parts for their cars. The revenue of the used car parts wholesale industry is expected to increase by an impressive 17.6%. So, why should you buy used car parts?

1.Affordability: The primary reason anyone considers buying used auto parts is of course their affordability. When compared to brand-new parts, used car parts are more affordable. Buying second-hand auto parts allows you to get the originality of OEM parts at prices at par with or lower than generic parts.

2. Availability: Like generic parts, used car parts are also widely available. You can find a great number of dealers and wreckers selling used car parts in Melbourne and other areas. For instance, for the latter option, you can use post a request on Swezo and get free quotes within minutes.

3. Convenience: Used car parts are readily available both online and offline. Many dealers will ship the parts directly to your home swiftly. So, you don’t have to sit around and wait for days.

4. Compatibility: The biggest problem with generic parts is that they can turn out to be incompatible with your car. However, purchasing used OEM parts ensures that the part is compatible with your car.

5. Warranty: Some reputable auto dealers refurbish auto parts and offer some form of warranty.

6. Eco-friendly: Buying used car parts is a greener choice as compared to buying new OEM or generic parts. You can find more environmental benefits of buying used auto parts.

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New vs used car parts

Cons of Used Auto Parts

The biggest downsides to buying used or second-hand car parts are the following:

1.Lower durability: Used auto parts are, well, USED. It means that these parts won’t be as durable as s brand-new part.

2. Know-how: Like generic parts, used car parts also demand that you know exactly what you are looking for. The best way to protect yourself is by buying from a reputable dealer.

The Final Decision

All the options have their pros and cons. What you ultimately choose will also depend on a variety of factors. For instance, if your car is very old and worn out, it might be a good idea to buy used or even generic car parts. On the other hand, if you have a relatively new car and you don’t want to diminish its resale value, a brand-new OEM part might make more sense for you.

Moreover, your choice also depends on what parts you need to replace. For example, it might make more sense to buy brand new tyres or brake pads while engine motors or alternators can be purchased second-hand. Whether you go for a second-hand or a brand-new part, Swezo can help you to get the right car parts in Melbourne. All it takes is posting a request and you’ll receive free quotes within minutes from qualified auto parts sellers around you. So, get started!

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