A car is more than just a means of transportation for many people. It’s also an investment that needs to be taken care of if you want it to run smoothly. That’s why the shortage of professional mechanics is such a problem for so many people these days.

If you’re unable to find car mechanics nearby, someone who can take good care of your vehicle, you might end up having major problems within the first year or two after buying it! But with professionals taking on new clients every day, there are plenty of opportunities out there now for those who love cars just as they love their own family members.

But why is there such a scarcity of professional car mechanics? Isn’t anyone dreaming to become a skilled auto technician or is this career opportunity in danger? And what does it exactly mean for car owners and would-be automotive mechanics? Let’s analyze the important details in this blog.

Lack of Skilled Car Mechanics: Possible Reasons & Solutions

The scarcity of skilled car mechanics is not a new situation that has cropped up out of nowhere. From 2015 till date, numerous reports have been published highlighting the shortage of mechanic skills in the Australian automotive industry. In July 2021, the Human Resource Director reported that the automotive industry in Australia has registered the highest ever labour shortage in the country.

To tell you precisely, the Motor Trades of Australia Association (MTAA) reported a deficit of 31,140 skilled auto mechanics in this industry in June 2021.

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An auto mechanic checking car tyres

Richard Dudley, the CEO of the MTAA, says, ‘Some of the automotive businesses here have been compelled to scale back capacity and sell off equipment since they’re simply unable to find adequate skilled professionals to carry out the job.’

The difficulty in recruiting accomplished car mechanics has been a real-time struggle echoing across the business fraternity in Australia. A recently published report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that over a quarter of businesses in this country are encountering hardships in recruiting appropriate staff. The 3 primary reasons behind this are:

  1. Shortage of applicants (74%)
  2. Lack of necessary skills (66%)
  3. Shut down of the international borders (32%)

There is another problem that works in tandem with the continuous frustration of not finding competent auto mechanics near me – the ageing professionals in this industry. As per the report of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA),  over 40% of the mechanics are aged above 50. Besides, 30% of the mechanic workshops reject customers due to a lack of skilled staff and inability to fulfill customer demands.

The same report also pointed out that the current paucity of 27,377 qualified mechanics in the automotive industry will increase and become 35,000 in the subsequent years. However, due to the increasing number of registered vehicles since 2015 and a surge in automobile sales in Australia, the demand for after-purchase repair and maintenance services is also set to increase.

But before we give you any other such facts and data, don’t you want to know the reasons behind the shortage? Here they are:

1.Deficiency of apprentices: Studies between 2014 to 2015 highlight that 76% of the employers agreed in having troubles while hiring for apprenticeships. This was because of the poor wages in the auto sector. Lack of awareness about the auto industry also adds to the difficulty for employers in retaining individuals in apprenticeships.

2. Technology revolution: The advancement in technology is the MAJOR reason why our lives in 2021 vs 2001 have such a vast difference! And this technological upgradation is deeply felt across every industry vertical, including the automotive sector. The incorporation of hybrid mechanical and electric vehicles as well as high-tech computer-based functionality has simplified the varied car repair techniques and sped up repair times. On the contrary, only a handful of skilled auto mechanics can keep abreast with the latest technological advancement.

3. The subtle disparity among candidates: The main reason why there’s a disparity among candidates is ascribed to the urgency of filling up the vacant positions in the auto sector. A report published by the Department of Employment in 2015 to 2016 states that 98% of the positions are vacant and 50% of the candidates are found to be underqualified for the job role.

Moreover, two-thirds of the qualified applicants were found to be freshers or with inadequate experience, unexplained employment history, substandard technical skills or unacceptable attitude.

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Shortage of skilled car mechanics
A mechanic checking the car hood, engine and discussing repairs

Are there any solutions?

Of course, there are! Where there is a will, there is a way and this problem too has not one but many solutions.

1.Complete exploration of the career

If there are any effective ways to bring the problem of auto mechanics deficit to an end, allowing people to explore this career is the first step. The younger generation must be accurately informed about the career prospects of becoming an auto mechanic.

You can force your son or daughter to get a graduate degree but that can’t be everyone’s cup of tea, right? Pursuing a college degree shouldn’t be the only option available to anyone; establishing a career in the auto industry also comes with abundant opportunities and rewards.

2. Empowering the future generation through a well-rounded education

As you already know, unless you’re a specialist, you can’t expect to become a successful auto mechanic. Having the right training is mandatory. Completing a trade school program from a creditable automotive training institute will equip you with the most in-demand skills and the right knowledge.

3. Utilizing your connections

This is one of the most popular ways of achieving the desired success in the auto industry. Some automotive institutes offer training programs to applicants after which they can work as in-house mechanics. Also, if your friend is already getting mechanic jobs as a freelancer, you can ask for recommendations or learn how to get such requests.

4. Register on Swezo

Swezo is Australia’s first-ever online automotive platform that connects not only car owners but also mechanics and car part sellers. As a car mechanic, you must register yourself, stating the type of car services you provide and fill up the other necessary details. Once done, you’ll receive notifications as and when a car owner posts a request for a mechanic job or searches for car mechanics nearby.

Shortage of skilled car mechanics
Only a qualified mechanic can conduct all kinds of auto repairs & services

As Adam Pay, the Managing Director of MyCar, has rightly pointed out by saying, “I think the industry struggles to attract people because the role demands certain technical skills. If you look at how automotive technology is evolving, you’ll realize it’s more about laptops and less about spanners. Once the apprenticeship is done and they spend a few more years to become an accomplished auto technician, they can be offered the role of a store manager or operations supervisor, they’re already on their way to become the leaders in the industry.” To get the best car mechanic nearby, post a request on Swezo today & get started!

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