You can travel to places easily, at any time. You don’t need to rely on the availability of public transport. Having a car of your own is indeed a blessing. But anything good and advantageous doesn’t come for free. At least when we’re discussing the convenience of having your own car, let’s not leave out the cost of maintenance that comes along with it. Not only annoying but car repairs can also be a frustrating experience, especially if the professional offering car repair services tells you,

“John. You could have easily prevented this issue from happening if only you knew how”.

And now that COVID-19 has taken a toll on our normal lives, we are compelled to adapt to the ‘new normal’, which implies, wearing a mask whenever stepping outside, sanitizing your hands frequently and disinfected the highly touched surfaces everyday.

Oh! How can we forget that we’re not going to the office anymore but working from home? Even the number of outings we’re having every month is significantly low. We don’t know whether the pandemic has shaped our lives for better or worse. But what we can tell you with 100% confidence is that the pandemic has adversely impacted the performance of vehicles.

With nowhere to travel, your car has been stationed in the garage, dying a slow death every month.

And the result?

There’s no end to your spending behind car repair and maintenance.

Did you just think there’s no way out?

Well, think again! Saving money on your car repairs during the pandemic is certainly possible if you know the right ways. So, stay tuned!

The Most Effective Ways to Reduce Car Maintenance Costs During the Pandemic

1. Don’t Let Your Battery Die

Owing to the deadly pandemic, many people have opted to work from home. And some have even lost their jobs. Each one of us is indeed having a rough patch in our lives and so are our cars.

Your vehicle sitting in the garage and not being operated for months at a stretch could have repercussions on the battery. While opting for a professional car battery replacement service is necessary every three years, why replace your car battery before the required time?

How to prevent premature car battery replacement:

Just take your car for a walk (umm…drive, we mean!) for 30 minutes every alternate day! In other words, drive your car for 30 minutes thrice a week.

2. Check the Car Fluids

We have already pointed out the various types of fluids used in a car and it’s important to check these fluids and replace them if necessary.

Wondering what are the different fluids we’re talking about? They’re:

  • Engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Washer fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Power steering fluid

A change in the usual colour of these fluids indicates they must be replaced as soon as possible to ensure optimum performance of your vehicle.

Confused about whether it’s the right time to change the car fluids? No worries! You can post a request a professional car mechanic on Swezo and get instant quotes for free. The mechanic will be up at your door, check the car fluids and change them if required, all at a very reasonable rate.

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3. Purchase Used Car Parts

Get ready because we’re presenting you one of the most popular tips to save money on car repairs – buying used car parts.

We know what you’re thinking –

Will the used auto parts be of inferior quality?

Will it need a replacement after a few months?

Won’t it affect the functioning of my car?

And our answer is a big NO! Purchasing used or recycled auto parts from a reputable online automotive marketplace, like Swezo, guarantees you top-quality car parts at a fraction of the cost of new car parts.

Also, guess what?

The used car parts come with warranties and you can find all types of auto parts as per your car brand and model. However, it’s advisable to do more research about the auto part selling website and check the customer reviews to make an informed decision.

4. Check the Tyres & Inflate If Required

The tyres are the legs of your vehicle. If they don’t work properly, how will drive your car from here to there? It is crucial to check the tyre pressure and tread depth to ensure your car can go around efficiently and you don’t run into unforeseen repair costs going forward.

Each car comes with a recommended tire pressure mentioned in the manual. The first crucial step is to know the appropriate air pressure required and then you can use a pressure gauge to check each tyre separately.

‘Lincoln test’, done by using a penny, is the easiest way to check the tyre tread. All you need to do is place the penny into the different grooves of your tyres. If you can see the head of the penny, it’s time you get new shoes for your baby boy!

If the top of the penny isn’t visible, you’re good to go with your current tyres for a while now.

Sounding too complicated?

Why take the trouble when you can request for a certified car mechanic within minutes? Posting on Swezo is a hassle-free way of connecting with a professional, affordable car mechanic in under a few minutes.

5. Give a Nice Wash

So, now you’re done with the maintenance of the interior components. Now, what about the exterior?

The exterior too deserves your attention if you want to save your money. Washing your car every week will keep the exterior in a good state, preventing dirt, grime and pollutants from embedding and forming ugly marks and stains. If you don’t want to damage the paintwork and drive around a vehicle with an open catalogue of scratches, spots and marks, follow the WWP formula:

Washing – To remove dirt, grime and dust from the surface

Waxing – To protect the exterior from oxidation, rust, UV rays

Polishing – For that super-smooth post car cleaning gloss

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6. Avoid Skipping Basic Car Maintenance Services

Did you know? Going for general car servicing at regular intervals can save you thousands of dollars down the line. When regular car maintenance is done, it extends the longevity of your vehicle and calls for lesser issues that require costly repair or replacements. Simple jobs like replacing air filters, checking the tyres and aligning them and changing the oil when needed are some of the recommended ways to boost your vehicle’s efficiency without breaking the bank!


Looking for Affordable Car Repair Services or Used Auto Parts?

Swezo gives you the best of both worlds! Australia’s leading online automotive marketplace, at Swezo, we connect you with the most reliable car repair service providers and genuine auto part sellers within a few minutes. Postponing or ignoring servicing your car is NOT the smart way to reduce your automotive maintenance cost; instead, it only attracts more problems requiring out-of-the-budget repairs and replacements. So, why lose your sleep over troubles which you can easily prevent? Visit us at for more information on how we ease your car problems.


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