Do you know when your car’s service is due? Have you ever wondered why it is important to keep track of this information? Having regular maintenance done on your vehicle can help prevent costly repairs in the future.

Availing log book service is essential for keeping your vehicle in good condition and maintaining its warranty. It also helps ensure that your engine does not fail while driving, which could potentially cause an accident or injury. Keeping up with log book servicing will save you money as it will extend the life of your car and reduce repair costs down the road. The last thing anyone wants during their busy day is to be stuck with a broken-down car!

But first thing first, aren’t you wondering what is a log book service and how it can benefit you? We will share all the necessary information about log book servicing in this blog.

What is a log book service?

A log book service is defined as a periodic car service performed in compliance with the guidelines authorized by the manufacturer of the vehicle. The log book outlines the regular maintenance schedule you must follow to keep your car in appropriate condition and minimize the risk of major damages that may occur in the future and also retain your warranty.

The log book of one car is different from the other as it contains all the maintenance details as per the car model and make. It has all the service requirements itemized based on priority so that the services can be performed within the vehicle’s period of warranty.

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Professional car mechanic in repair shop performing log book service

The log book services are designed to ensure your vehicle maintains an optimal performance throughout its lifespan. When you opt for log book service, you must take your car to your vehicle manufacturer’s service centre and have the professionals carry out the important car services like:

Why it’s important to avail a log book service for your car?

Log book servicing offers a plethora of advantages. These include:

1.Improves your car’s value

Most car owners plan to purchase a new vehicle model by selling the old one. If you’re someone among them, you surely can’t turn a blind eye to performing a log book service of your car. And when it comes to selling your old car and getting the deserving price, this is where the importance of log book servicing becomes prominent. You have a brighter chance of attracting a profitable sale for your old car when you have a proven record of consistent maintenance. Getting log book servicing done at regular intervals is directly connected to improving the resale value of your car, putting you in a better financial position when purchasing your next vehicle.

2. Warranty is maintained

Want to know the best way to preserve the warranty of your vehicle? You’ve got to show substantial evidence that proves you’ve cared for your vehicle regularly, consistently. If you have a new car or used car within the warranty period, it is important to perform the log book service within the specified time frame. Else, the warranty of your vehicle stands invalid.

3. Improved performance and lifespan

We already discussed how often you should service your car, (nope. We won’t tell you that. You got to read it to know it!). When your car is serviced regularly, you can expect two outcomes:

  1. The lifespan of your vehicle will be increased
  2. Your car will impress you with top-notch performance

By log book servicing your car periodically, the mechanics can identify the potential issues in your vehicle that can emerge as an expensive repair or replacement going forward. It eliminates the chance of encountering any major car problems and keeps car maintenance expenses in check.

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Log book servicing regularly keeps expensive car repairs at bay

4. You can enjoy a lot of savings

Many car owners avoid log book servicing their cars for the fear of the log book service price. ‘I won’t go for log book service because it’s too costly!’ is the common reaction uttered by them. Well, it can’t be denied that no one wants to spend money unnecessarily.

But the good news is, the log book is usually free.

These services are designed to tune up your car so that the parts function steadily while running on the road. Due to frequent usage, it is natural for the parts to experience wear and tear over time. But all these can be dealt with when the parts are replaced, refilled or tightened. The log book servicing of every vehicle must be done at the authorized service center since only they know what has to be done to keep your vehicle well-maintained.

The log book service you get for your car is important because it maintains the warranty of your vehicle, enhances its performance and lifespan, and will help improve how much money you can expect to make from a trade-in or resale. This means that the value of your vehicle is retained or even improved when you take care of this maintenance. It also ensures that all warranties are intact so if something goes wrong with the engine down the line, there won’t be any surprises from manufacturers about how long their warranty will last on a new purchase. And finally, booking a log book service saves you money because it can help avoid expensive repairs in future. If you need to find an auto mechanic near me to service your car right away, drop in a request on Swezo today!

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