‘The Bubonic Plague. ‘Cholera’. ‘The Spanish Flu’. ‘SARS & MERS’. The world has witnessed severe health crises in the past and is still doing so in the present. Thanks to the notorious COVID-19 pandemic, the effects are continuing to echo till now, in the form of loss of lives, livelihood, depression and uncertainty.

Economic activities have rapidly taken a backseat ever since the limelight has been on the pandemic from early 2020. Whether you’ve got a steady job or planning to make a career switch, the dubious state of the global economy may have prompted you to reconsider your options twice, thrice and infinite times.

While the loss of jobs, unemployment have been a worrying concern over the past year and a half, we can’t simply turn a blind eye to the new earning opportunities being introduced in the job market.

Take Swezo for instance. It has emerged to be the number 1 Australian online automotive marketplace where you can sell/buy brand new or used auto parts and find certified mechanics for all types of car services.

Talking about Swezo, we’d love to share 2 happy stories where these guys started earning steadily amidst the pandemic.

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Ranveer Talwar

A young, bright and witty 25-years old, Ranveer Talwar is currently a 2nd-year Master’s degree student in Civil Engineering. But apart from spending his time pursuing this course, he’s already making $650 per week.

How? Where? When?

The answer is simple. Swezo.

His passion and enthusiasm to share his automotive knowledge and spread his love for cars incited him to register as an auto parts seller on this incredibly popular automotive platform for buying car parts online in Australia. 

Every time a customer posts a request for an auto part online, he calls wreckers or auto part stores around him to get the right quotes. After narrowing down his options, he provides the best quote to the customer, at a slightly higher price.

And that’s the profit he makes!

This way, it becomes a win-win situation for both the customer and seller. Customer ends up getting the best price, while the seller makes some profit.

Presently, he’s making a profit of $90 per day and aims to catch bigger numbers in the coming days.

We say, ‘Love your perseverance Ranveer! Great going champ.’

Willy Anderson

Willy, aka, William Anderson, is a 28-year-old grocery store owner who is all praises for Swezo!

‘Swezo came to my rescue at a time when my business was running dangerously low. I was battling a hard time finding customers consistently every day.

And then Swezo happened! I read all about it, went through the reviews and then took a leap of faith. Now, after 3 months, I must say, signing up on Swezo as a car parts seller has been one of the best turning points in my life.

Besides having a regular monthly income of $4,000 now, I am making $2,500 extra by side hustling on Swezo.

It’s so easy to use! I am a part-time auto parts seller on Swezo where I sell both used and brand-new auto parts, after contacting several other auto parts stores and wreckers near me. The auto parts are priced at a little higher price than the original cost and that extra cost is the profit I make!

I’ll be grateful to Swezo now and always.’

While the pandemic has been unfavourable to many, we can’t deny how it has opened up new opportunities for earning, saving and leading a somewhat peaceful life. At Swezo, if you can sell 6 brand new or used auto parts per day at a profit of $15, you can make $90 every day. This means you earn $90 * 7= $630 per week by just working from the comfort of your home. Now imagine selling 10 items or more per day. Your income will skyrocket. And that’s how you become YOUR BOSS. For more details, please visit Swezo.

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