Your car is one of your most prized possessions. You take care of it and make sure to keep up on all the necessary maintenance. But even with your best efforts, sometimes things can go wrong. One of the most common problems is low engine oil. If your car is acting up and you can’t seem to identify the problem, it might be worth checking the engine oil level.

Low engine oil can cause all sorts of problems, from decreased gas mileage to total engine failure. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top signs that your car has low engine oil. We’ll also provide tips on how to fix the problem. So, if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t wait – check your engine oil level and get it fixed today!

Important Signs Telling Your Car Engine Oil is Low

1.Engine Oil Warning Light

Has the engine oil dropped below the appropriate level? The oil warning light on the dashboard may be activated by your car’s sensor. If it is glowing, pull over your car to a safe side – at the service station, parking lot or gas station. Check the level of oil. Calling a professional mechanic is advisable if you find the engine oil at the correct level. It can be a defective oil pressure sensor or might indicate some serious issues with your car.

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2. The Smell of Burning Oil

If you notice a burning oil smell coming from your vehicle and it’s leaking, then this could be due to the high temperature of one of its components. The heat typically causes an increase in pressure that leads to decreased fuel efficiency for cars. For this reason, it is recommended to take your vehicle for a regular car service at a professional car mechanic shop.

Fill up your car engine oil

3. Engine is Overheated

The oil in your car engine is a vital component that helps to keep things running smoothly. It flows around and carries heat away from hot parts like camshafts, cylinder walls of the head area which are all very close by each other. So, it’s not difficult for them to get too much exposure without help nearby cooling off with some water or coolant along the way! The radiator fan will also come on quite often when there isn’t enough liquid coming out through any leaks near its path (those should be found soon though!). You can read the reasons why your car engine is overheated.

4. Poor Engine Performance

Engine oil pressure drops when the oil pump struggles to get through an obstruction, such as bad fuel filters. This results in sluggish acceleration that’s especially noticeable at lower RPMs and higher engine speeds or altitudes where there is less air flowing into combustion chambers for oxygen enrichment purposes (gasp!). As you can see this also causes a reduction in power output due to stalls from reduced airflow caused by dirty EGR valves – so don’t ignore cleaning both regularly.

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Fill up your car engine oil tank regularly

5. Increased Vibration

Engine oil is like the blood supply that keeps engine parts running smoothly. But when it’s not present, everything starts to grind and clank together because there isn’t enough lube for all those cogs in motion. The car engine oil might not reach below the surface these days with rubber mounts installed but you can still feel some vibration at higher speeds or during tough acceleration runs if you’re driving a manual transmission car (especially around town).

6. Unusual Noises

You will only notice this symptom if you have had a low amount of oil in your engine for a while now. When the components and parts are being exercised more often than necessary, the friction causes them to wear out faster. You might hear a strange noise from your engine when it’s low on oil. The cause of this could be due to increased friction and lack of lubrication, so make sure your car is inspected by a certified car mechanic in Melbourne.

The sounds that emerge when your engine is running are always a tad different, but for some people they can be really annoying or even scary. If you’re one of those unfortunate individuals experience knocking in your vehicle, then don’t worry! It means there are loose parts inside the engine box (in this case). The rods are what keep the pistons tightly secured. Thus, they must be well-lubricated to make them noiseless.

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Swezo – Your Trusted Place to Find Qualified Car Mechanics in Melbourne

If you’ve found yourself noticing any of these signs, it might be time to have your car serviced. It can often be difficult to tell when engine oil levels are low and this is a good reason why so many people unknowingly drive around with an empty gas tank or no spare tyre at all! The best thing you can do as a driver is educated yourself on the top warning signs that indicate something may need repairing, then drop a request here at Swezo if we don’t see them listed above. We have over 300+ trained car mechanics registered on our platform who offer competitively priced auto repairs in Melbourne and will gladly take care of your vehicle like our own.

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