Selecting the best tyres for your car isn’t a breeze. Hence, remember these essential points when buying brand new auto parts like tyres for your vehicle.

Batteries. Working. Headlights. Super bright. Windscreen. Crystal clear. Tyres. Uh oh! Low tyre tread, worn out and cracked.

There’s no doubt that tyres are one of the crucial parts of your vehicle as they keep your car moving on the road. Moreover, when the tyres are in perfect condition, your ride is smoother and more enjoyable, doesn’t matter whether you’re heading to the grocery store or office!

However, the moment you notice irregular tread wear or feel steering wheel vibration, it’s advisable to visit an online auto store that sells brand new auto parts and shop for new tyres.

Now that you’ve decided to purchase new tyres, the question is, how to understand which type of tyres is appropriate for your vehicle? Shopping for tyres is as confusing as buying the best mobile phone! Hence, in this blog, we’ll cover all the factors that need your consideration. Let’s go!

Essential Factors to Consider When Purchasing Car Tyres

1. What is the size?

The first thing that you should be considering is the size. But before that, tell us, do you know how to read the tyre size specification? Well, you’ll know the tyre size if you look at the sidewall carefully as the size is mentioned in a uniform manner. Let’s say, it reads 200/62 R 18 90V. Now what does this mean? It’s simple!

  • 200 (mm) is the tread width of the tyre
  • 62 (%) is the amount of the tread width that helps in creating the height of the sidewall
  • R is for Radial. It tells about the radial construction of the tyre
  • 18 (inches) is the wheel’s diameter
  • 90 is the load index of the tyre. Besides this, you also must know that the size of the tyre is composed of three components. These are – the height of the sidewalls, the size of the rim and the width of the tyre tread.

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2. Do you want tubeless or tube tyres?

‘To choose tube-type tyres or tubeless tyres’, ever found yourself in this dilemma? It’s the same story for every car owner, at least initially. According to the majority of automotive experts, it’s wiser to choose tubeless tyres.

Wanna know why? Here are the reasons:

  • You can bid goodbye to the problem of tyre punctures from tube pinching
  • For automatic puncture repairs, you can easily use a liquid sealant
  • Even if the tyre is punctured, you can travel short distances. Thanks to the slow air release mechanism!
  • It’s lightweight and due to the absence of unnecessary friction, it leads to better mileage
  • Offers a more stable driving experience

3. What is the pattern of the tread?

When buying tyres from an online store that offers brand new auto parts, one feature you can’t certainly ignore is the tread pattern. This is a crucial factor, especially if you’re driving in wet weather. The tread pattern should be such that it can remove water from the contact patch between the road and the tyre.

Usually, there are three types of tyre treads:

  • Directional (unidirectional): As the name suggests, this tread pattern rolls in one direction and has arrows that illustrate the direction. This type of tread prevents hydroplaning by allowing water to be removed from the tyre.
  • Asymmetrical: This type of tread is popularly found in sports cars. It has no one distinct feature but a combination of all tread patterns. Asymmetrical tread tyres offer maximum grip in both dry and wet conditions. While the tyre’s internal and middle parts are designed for wet and winter haulage, the external part of the tyre contains large tread blocks to maximize cornering ability on dry surfaces.
  • Symmetrical: Symmetrical tyre treads feature continuous independent lugs or grooves all over the tyre. They’re most commonly found in passenger cars since symmetrical tread tyres are generally durable and smooth.
  • Directional/asymmetrical: This tyre tread has both the V-shaped feature of the directional tread pattern to displace water from the tyre and can also endure dry weather friction, a trait of the asymmetrical tread pattern. No wonder why we call this kind of tyre tread the best of both worlds!

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4. What is the quality of the tyre?

You’ve come a long way and this is the last and final stage in your tyre choosing event! Consider the quality of rubber used for manufacturing the tyre. This is an essential characteristic that evaluates the tyre’s treadwear abilities and traction. Also, don’t forget to check the manufacturing date – it is represented in the form of a four-digit dot code on the sidewall. The first two digits tell the week and the last two digits tell the year of manufacture.

When buying tyres from an automotive service store, make sure they’re manufactured by a reputable company (Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear or Dunlop) and have the terms of warranty clearly mentioned.

That brings us to the end of our discussion! Buying a new set of boots for your beloved vehicle indeed requires a lot of thought and understanding of the critical factors. Only then can you reap the benefits of having good tyres – improved fuel economy and certainly, a safer driving experience in the long run. For all your vehicle needs, like buying brand new auto parts or finding the best mechanics near me, it’s worth visiting Swezo. We offer premium quality auto parts and highly skilled mechanics at a reasonable price.

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