It’s been a while since you’ve changed your oil, and now when you start to drive, it feels like your clutch is slipping. What should you do? If the problem persists, don’t put off getting a diagnostic test done by a professional car mechanic. Many people don’t know how to identify a slipping clutch, which can be dangerous. It’s certainly not worth risking an expensive engine repair, isn’t it? The best thing you can do is request for a qualified mechanic and get it checked to find out if there is anything wrong before something worse happens.

There is a simple way to tell if your clutch is slipping. If you can see the car in front of you while going up a hill, it’s time for an inspection. Check out this blog to help you determine whether your clutch is slipping and what you should do about it.

What do you mean by ‘slipping clutch’?

If the clutch is continuously engaging and disengaging but not providing any power to the wheels, the car doesn’t move ahead and the condition is referred to as a slipping clutch.

For vehicles with a manual transmission, a slipping clutch is a common occurrence and it can happen at any point of time. Thus, expert mechanics in Victoria and elsewhere recommend getting the clutch assessed professionally after travelling 60,000 miles or more. However, how frequently should you check the clutch also depends on the model, design and year of manufacture of the vehicle.

Driving conditions, poor driving habits and wear and tear are the primary reasons why a clutch sometimes fails. A clutch failure is also an inevitable consequence in hotter countries where the high temperature of the environment warm up the transmission fluid excessively and the parts suffer deterioration.

What are the factors that cause a clutch to slip?

When it comes to understanding why the clutch is slipping, the reasons are plentiful. Nevertheless, the most regular one is wear and tear, an unavoidable consequence after driving a car for many years. There are other reasons as well why a clutch can slip. These are:

  • Disc covered in oil
  • Worn disc
  • Damage to components from extreme heat
  • Adjustments that must be altered

If the clutch has been recently installed in your vehicle, it can slip for that reason too. While the causes behind a slipping clutch are many, there are equally heaps of signs to help you identify such a clutch.

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How to identify a slipping clutch?
Whom will you call when there’s a slipping clutch? A car mechanic of course!

Important Signs Your Clutch is Slipping

1.The first and easiest way of identifying a slipping clutch is by covering a long distance in your car covering. Do you get a burning smell when you apply the acceleration pedal? If yes, it is a sign your clutch is slipping.

2. The second sign to watch out for is high revs. You’ll notice this when you move the car from a stationary position, the engine begins to accelerate very highly. You can check the tachometer, adjacent to the speedometer, to see a very high reading but the speed apparently remains low.

3. You’ll know the clutch is failing when you drive over a stretch of road and start experiencing high performance when applying the 4th, 5th or 6th But you check the tachometer and find a high reading. On the contrary, the speedometer doesn’t move.

Now, what’s the reason? This is because when the clutch disengages, the two meters move in sync. If these two meters don’t move at the same time, it indicates the clutch requires replacement or repair.

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4. Poor engine performance is also a vital sign that indicates your car’s clutch is failing. But how to know this?

If you’re transporting a heavy load in your car, usually, the engine is required to send a large amount of power to move the wheels.

However, in case your clutch is slipping, the engine is unable to provide this power. Due to the lack of this engine power, there will be no acceleration either. During such a situation, the load that you’re carrying must be reduced so that the power may increase. But remember, this isn’t a permanent solution. For that, you must engage the services of professional and trusted mechanics to get the necessary fix at reliable rates.

Searching for Qualified Mechanics in Victoria to Check Your Clutch?

Knowing when your clutch is slipping can save you a lot of money. Every time the engine doesn’t engage, it causes wear-and-tear on other parts that could have been avoided if only you knew how to identify a slipping clutch. If you’ve been noticing a decrease in power and an increase in the difficulty of accelerating, it may be time for your clutch to get replaced. Luckily there are many certified mechanics in Victoria who can take care of this issue with relative ease. Swezo is one place where you can reach out to the most trusted car mechanics in Victoria and surrounding areas. Want to know more? Visit us on

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