Is there anyone who dislikes going on long drives? The wide, smooth, traffic-free roads certainly tempt you to take out your ride and hit the accelerator! But alas! No sooner than your car starts picking up speed, you begin jerking up and down.

Sudden jerks while driving is quite a nerve-racking experience, to say the least. It can easily lead to a safety hazard on the road, especially, if you’re speeding beyond the usual limit. It is undoubtedly a warning sign that there’s a major issue with your vehicle and most importantly, you should get a car service quote at the earliest. Such a problem should never be ignored and the sooner you get a mechanic to diagnose your vehicle, the lower will be your repair costs.

You’ve chosen to read our blog because your car is jerking as soon as you’re accelerating. And we’ll tell you why this is happening.

Reasons Why Your Car is Jerking When Accelerating

1. The Spark Plugs are Worn Out

Similar to most replaceable car parts, spark plugs are known to last for a long time but can suffer a decline in their performance prior to the end of their service period.

Without spark plugs, igniting the air/fuel mixture to run the vehicle would have been difficult. Hence, spark plugs are one of the most important ignition parts in a car. You feel the jerks when they begin losing their performance. Whether your spark plugs are working effectively, you can easily determine from the first acceleration.

Wanna know how spark plugs work?

Well, these tiny components are composed of nickel alloys that have electrodes. These electrodes work hard to improve acceleration while offering a seamless but powerful ignition.

However, if the spark plugs are worn out, the ignition process is highly impacted and consequently, you experience rough, poor, unexpected bouncing when accelerating your car.

Worn out spark plugs have an easy solution – posting a request for a car repair mechanic on Swezo. As Australia’s #1 automotive marketplace, you can post requests for certified mechanics and get car service quotes in a few minutes only!

2. The Acceleration Cable is Damaged

The acceleration cable in your car connects the gas pedal and throttle plate. Simply put, it is an interwoven pad made of metal that helps to produce acceleration as well as keep the engine’s rotating ability in check. Their function is to open the throttle when you press the gas pedal.

Should there be any problem with the throttle cable, for instance, if the metal cable is worn out or overstretched, it can lead to ineffective acceleration, and you can feel these through the jerks occurring when accelerating your vehicle.

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3. The Fuel Injectors are Clogged

Like the spark plugs, the fuel injectors are another auto part imperative to the optimal performance of a car. The main purpose of the fuel injectors is to ensure appropriate injection of the fuel inside the engine at the correct time in the right quantity.

Your vehicle is reliant on fuel injectors as they result in optimum distribution of air/fuel mixture so that the required power is provided to the vehicle and this leads to smooth and quick acceleration.

Having said that, the fuel has to pass through very narrow passages and due to this reason, the fuel injectors are prone to become blocked with dust and dirt. The delivery of fuel becomes difficult when the nozzles of the injectors are clogged.

And what’s the outcome?

Jerking, shaking and jumping, even at low speeds.

4. When the Catalytic Converter is Clogged

The catalytic converters are located beneath the exhaust system and their primary function is to reduce the emission of unburned carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons through the process of oxidation.

Isn’t the check engine light radiating the dashboard when you’re accelerating?

Then it’s likely that the catalytic converters are clogged with accumulated dirt and pollutants. Should you find your car jerking when accelerating in the absence of the check engine light, you can easily figure out the issue when your cabin starts smelling rotten eggs and sulphur. At this moment, you should call a car mechanic straight away to fix the problem immediately.

Too confused to know which automotive service is the best?

Here, you can check out Swezo, the top-rated automotive platform where you can connect with several qualified mechanics offering a wide array of car services at reasonable rates. And trust us, you won’t regret it!

5. Poor Transmission

The transmission of an automobile forms the bridge between the engine and wheels. This is one of the most common reasons why car owners often complain of encountering jerks when accelerating. The transmission system is responsible for adjusting the wheel’s driving conditions as per the torque and speed of the engine. You can be sure that a poor transmission system is the culprit when you experience terrible jerking while changing gears.

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6. There’s a Leak in the Fuel Line

The fuel system inside a vehicle is one of the most complex mechanisms but carry out essential responsibilities, that is, ensuring accurate and efficient distribution of fuel. Inside this complicated framework, the fuel lines perform a simple yet crucial task, conveying fuel from the gas tank. A component called the ‘fuel hose’ results in the safe funnelling of fuel as it reaches the engine after being poured from the tank.

But in due course, with regular and frequent usage, leaks develop inside these hoses and that lowers the fuel used along with the air for fuel mixture. This produces a certain effect that’s similar to inoperative fuel injectors. For this reason, there may not be bumper jerks, but you won’t appreciate the sudden shakes and vibrations when accelerating either.

Need a Mechanic Who Can Put an End to Your Car Jerking Episode?

Driving a car should be as smooth as silk and if you’re going on a bumpy ride too often, surely there’s a problem that must be treated immediately. When your car is jerking excessively while accelerating, don’t waste a minute; instead, contact a reliable and reputable car mechanic who’ll delve deep down into the root cause of the issue and fix it once and for all. At Swezo, we help you connect with thousands of genuine, certified auto mechanics who are equipped with expert auto repairing skills and provide you with the best car service quotes. Visit Swezo and till then, remember the name “SWEZO”.

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