Have you heard this latest market sensation that is raising eyebrows of everyone? Let’s breathe in green hydrogen  a little more and learn how this hottest trend in automotive industry is altering ways in the vehicle world.

Hydrogen power is a clean and renewable form of energy that has been created in Australia for the first time. This project will offer many benefits to all Australians, such as lower emissions and reduced reliance on fossil fuels. The technology behind this revolutionary idea uses natural gas to produce hydrogen, which can be used as an alternative fuel for cars or as a back-up when electricity is not accessible.

But the question is, what is green hydrogen and why is it so in demand?

Green hydrogen is produced using…

Before we tell you that, let’s first learn about types of hydrogen:

Almost all the world’s hydrogen is made from gas. Here are a few types of hydrogen that are available now:

  • Brown hydrogen: This is the worst form of hydrogen made from coal and gasification process, emits massive amounts of CO2.
  • Grey hydrogen: It is produced using natural gas steam reforming method but emits large quantity of CO2 harming the atmosphere.
  • Blue hydrogen: It is said to be theoretically cleaner than grey hydrogen as the emission of CO2 gas can be repurposed.
  • Green hydrogen: This is the cleanest form of hydrogen as it is produced from electrolysis of water using electricity from renewable sources (solar energy/wind energy)

Now that we have a brief idea of what green hydrogen is, let’s dive into this extravagant project. NSW is all set to become the home of Australia’s first dual fuel power plant, this mammoth sized project is followed by $83 million funding agreement of Tallaware project in Illawara. This agreement between an energy infrastructure Jemena and prestigious gas company core gas, is bound to generate huge employment opportunities.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro addressing the media has stated, “Delivering enough electricity to power around 150,000 homes at times of peak demand, the project is expected to deliver a $300 million boost to the economy and support about 250 jobs during construction.”

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Green hydrogen power plant
Australia welcomes its first green hydrogen power plant

Treasurer Dominic Perrottet has mentioned, “As we recover from the pandemic, embracing emerging industries will help recharge our economy by creating new jobs and opening up new opportunities that will secure our economic prosperity well into the future.” He also stated that, “Investing in this cutting-edge technology will help secure power generation and put our state in a prime position to capitalise on an export industry that is predicted to be worth $1.7 billion annually by 2030.”

Mr Matt Kean, Minister of Energy has stated that, “NSW’s Energy Security Target is the tightest reliability target in the country and this project will help make sure that we achieve that even after Liddell has closed.” This esteemed project provides enough energy to keep the lights on in the event of Liddell Power Station closure in 2023.He has also commented that, “This project sets a new benchmark for how gas generators can be consistent with NSW’s plan to be net zero by 2050 by using green hydrogen and offsetting residual emissions.”

Hydrogen-powered fuel cells produce only harmless water and heat as by-products, and we couldn’t be prouder for Team Australia’s contribution to this emerging industry.

Not only is the technology innovative and the process environmentally friendly, but there are also a number of other benefits to green hydrogen power through reduced electricity prices, reduced congestion on already busy highways, improved air quality thanks to reduced carbon emissions from vehicles; but what really makes us proud as Australians is that globally 38% of all renewable energy installed in 2015 was solar.

Green hydrogen power plant
Green hydrogen will offer a host of benefits to the country

Here’s a slew of advantages of using green hydrogen energy source:

  • Hydrogen is abundant in nature. Thus, green hydrogen can be stored in prevailing gas pipelines and can be utilised by household appliances.
  • It stores 3 times as much as energy compared to fossil fuels. Due to this reason, less of it can get more of the work done.
  • It has rapidly decrease the cost of harnessing renewable energy, making it much more efficient and affordable.
  • It can be used by infrastructure, heating and green hydrogen companies.
  • It can also be used in manufacturing glass and steel.
  • This type of hydrogen plays a vital role in reducing the carbon emission that pollute the environment.

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The clean and renewable form of energy that has been created in Australia for the first time is a ground breaking innovation. This green hydrogen power plant will offer several advantages to all Australians, such as lower emissions and reduced reliance on fossil fuels.  From alternative fuel sources like green hydrogen to more efficient ways of producing this resource, there are plenty of opportunities for Australian businesses, scientists, entrepreneurs or policy makers who want to be at the forefront of new developments in the field of sustainable energy technology.

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