Australians are gradually warming up to the idea of owning Electric Vehicles or EVs. If you are one of those who has bought or is thinking of buying an electric car, you probably have a lot of questions regarding electric car maintenance and other aspects. So, let’s get started.

What are the Different Types of Electric Vehicles or EVs?

Around the world, many people are switching from traditional to electric cars or EVs, as they are commonly known. The main difference between EVs and traditional cars lies in fuel. Instead of diesel, petrol, and gas, EV’s run on electricity.

According to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), EVs can be categorized as follows:

a. BEVs or Battery Electric Vehicles:

These vehicles are fully electric and don’t have any petrol or diesel engine. They run on the electricity supplied by a chargeable car battery. These cars are also known as plug-in EVs as the battery needs to be plugged into an external source for charging.

b. PHEV or Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles:

These are hybrid cars fueled by both liquid fuel and electricity. It can run on electricity but also has an internal combustion engine that runs on petrol or diesel. It uses a plug-in charging system to recharge the battery.

c. HEVs or Non-plug-in Hybrid EVs:

These are hybrid vehicles that don’t need plug-in charging. Instead, the battery is recharged by the car’s braking system.

Electric Car Maintenance Guide: Everything You Want to Know
A Hybrid Car

d. FCEVs or Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles:

These cars use a fuel cell instead of a battery to power the engine and usually have more range than BEVs.

Whether you want to buy a fully electric or a hybrid car, is your prerogative, both have their pros and cons. However, in this blog, we specifically talk about electric car maintenance of BEVs.

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Does Your Electric Car Need Maintenance?

A lot of people believe that their electric cars don’t require any maintenance. This notion is completely wrong. Yes, an electric car is quite different from petrol or diesel-run car, it is a car, nonetheless. Electric cars have far fewer components than regular cars and thus require lower maintenance. However, if you want to keep your car running for a longer time, regular maintenance is the key.

Electric car service and maintenance are quite different from regular cars. Unlike regular cars, EVs don’t require oil and oil filter changes, spark plug replacements and emission checks. However, once in a while, your electric car might need a brake pad replacement or a windscreen replacement. Similarly, you will need to pay attention to the car tyres, motor and battery.

In a nutshell, your electric vehicle does need car servicing and maintenance. While finding an electric car mechanic in Melbourne or other places might seem difficult, Swezo has got you covered. Post your request on the platform and get free quotes from top experts in a matter of minutes.

Is Electric Car Maintenance More Expensive?

Around 66% of Aussies want to buy an electric car due to its low carbon footprints. However, 50% are discouraged due to the higher cost of EVs compared to regular cars. While there’s no doubt that EVs come at a higher price tag at this moment, the cost of owning them is significantly lower. Research shows that the cost of maintaining electric vehicles is 40% lower than petrol and diesel cars. These cars are easier to maintain as there are fewer parts involved. Moreover, the parts of electric cars last longer.

Top 4 Electric Car Maintenance Tips

In many ways, maintaining an electric car is like regular car maintenance.  Just like a regular diesel and petrol car, electric cars also need to be cleaned and looked after properly. But there are also certain areas where electric cars need specific care. Let’s explore the general and specific car maintenance tips.

1. General Car Maintenance

Just like a diesel or petrol car, your electric car will also need regular car maintenance services like tyre replacements, brake pad replacements, windshield replacement, wheel-bearing lubrication and so on. Check the air pressure in your tyres and pay attention to tyre rotation. Wash your car from inside and outside frequently.  Check your car for dents and scratches. And follow all general maintenance tips that you would do for a regular car.

The electric car motor doesn’t need the level of maintenance a regular car engine needs. That doesn’t mean you take it for granted. Take your electric car for regular service and maintenance to an expert dealer or mechanic.

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2.  Maintaining the Car Battery

The battery is admittedly the most important and expensive component of an electric car, more so a BEV. The cost of replacing the battery of your EV is somewhere around $8000. But the costs are expected to reduce over the coming years.

Most EV batteries come with a warranty for 10,000 miles or 8 to 10 years. And you can further ensure the longevity of your car battery by adhering to these simple principles.

  • First and foremost, never overcharge or undercharge your car battery. This is a mistake that most people do with all their electronics. No, you don’t need to keep your battery on charge even after it’s fully charged nor should you wait for your battery to discharge completely. Overcharging your battery will lead to its rapid depletion. Ideally, you should keep your battery charged between 20% to 80%.

    Electric Car Maintenance Guide: Everything You Want to Know
    Electric Car Charging Station
  • Avoid leaving your electric car uncharged for more than 2 weeks. Recharge your battery after it reaches 20% capacity. Don’t wait for it to drain completely.
  • Try to protect your car batteries from extreme weather conditions. Avoid parking your car in direct sunlight, especially during hot summer days. In winter, keep your car in a garage, if possible. While extreme heat damages the battery, extreme cold reduces its range.
  • Avoid using the Quick charge option, whenever you can, as it can reduce the lifespan of your electric car’s battery.
  • Check out your battery’s warranty and read the user manual to find your battery life cycle. Get it checked annually by an expert mechanic in Melbourne or elsewhere.

3. Electric Car Maintenance – Taking Care of the Car Fluids

Unlike cars with internal combustion engines, EVs only have three fluids that you need to take care of. Those are – coolant fluid, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid. The coolant system of your EV is important for your car’s thermal management system. Keep tabs on all these fluids. Get them checked every month and replace them whenever required. It’s better to get these fluids checked by an expert. Post a request on Swezo to connect with the best dealers and mechanics in Melbourne and all of Australia.

4. Taking Care of the Brakes

Electric cars use a regenerative braking system along with regular brakes. Using regen brakes means lesser break maintenance and fewer brake fluid changes. However, you should get your brakes inspected annually for a higher level of electric car maintenance. To further increase the life of your car brakes, avoid slamming them.

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Final Thoughts

Electric Vehicles are quite different from petrol and diesel-run vehicles in a lot of ways. As such, maintaining them can also be a bit different. While EVs have fewer components, they too require regular maintenance. And due to the complexity of the components involved, it is better to reach out to reputable automotive marketplaces like Swezo for all your electric car maintenance needs.

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