Have you ever been told that running your tyres at a lower pressure makes them last longer? Or that the size of your tyre should be based on the weight of your vehicle? These are just two of the several car tyre myths that you’ve heard of and they’re both wrong. When it comes to maintaining your car tyres, you’ll encounter several such myths, touted as ‘advice’ or ‘maintenance tips’. But not all of them are true.

To give a clear picture, in this blog, we’ll explore the truth behind these common misconceptions and share how to make sure your tyres are in good working order. Have issues with your car tyres? You can type ‘auto repair near me’ on your phone and visit Swezo, Australia’s #1 automotive marketplace that connects car owners to trusted mechanics, auto parts sellers and buyers.

The Most Common Tyre Myths are Now Debunked

1.The right tyre inflation is the ‘maximum pressure’ on the sidewall

Truth: The tyre manufacturer doesn’t determine the right tyre inflation but it is the manufacturer of the vehicle who does this task.

Wanna know what the correct tyre pressure is for your vehicle? The doorjamb on the side of the driver’s seat should be the first place to look at since this is usually where the tyre pressure is mentioned. If your vehicle is a new model, you can find a sticker on the glove compartment, lid of the boot or inside the fuel opening. Still can’t find it? Then checking your car manual can be of help.

2. You’ll know when to replace tyres from the tyre tread depth

Truth: This is one of the most popular car tyre myths. Despite having a significant amount of tyre tread, it doesn’t imply the tyre is fit to be used for many more months. It will make more sense if you realize that the tyres function in tandem with other components to move your car from point A to point B. How frequently you need to replace your tyres depend on some vital factors like the manufacturing technique, the rubber that is used, the age of the tyre, the maintenance regime you follow and where you park your car.

Checking the tyre depth is NOT the only way to tell if you need tyre replacement.

Evaluate the other factors as well: is the rubber deteriorating? Are there any hairline cracks on the sidewall? What is the manufacturing date of the tyre? However, if the tyre is too old, it will be at a greater risk of deterioration in comparison to a newly manufactured one.

Car tyre myths to know
A mechanic checking the tyres of a car

3. New tyres? Always place them at the front

Professionals offering mechanic service agree that this is one of the most common myths they’ve heard over the years. If you’re replacing two tyres, generally, you’d replace the front tyres since they wear out first, isn’t it?

It’s wrong!

Tyres that have maximum tread should be installed at the rear of the car to get the best form of stability. Although it’s not an issue in dry conditions, it becomes a problem when the road is wet.

By installing smoother tyres at the rear, the water on the wet roads isn’t easily scattered, allowing the rear tyres to lift the vehicle off the road and causing the car to spin uncontrollably.

As per the experts offering ‘auto repair near me’, it is advisable to replace all the four tyres at the same time. This will enable you to maintain uniform tyre wear. Also, don’t forget to rotate the tyres every 10,000 km.

4. Every brand offers the same tyre quality

Rubber is rubber. But the quality of the rubber varies from one brand to another. And that’s why some brands offer tyres with a more expensive price tag. Should durability, strength and performance be your essential criteria, it’s futile to expect to get the same quality from all the brands. Remember one thing. If you’re buying car tyres, you’ll get what you pay for.

Some of the best car tyre brands in Australia include Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear and Michelin, among others. To purchase the best tyre, safety should always be your first consideration. Once this factor is considered, you can choose a tyre within your budget and one that fulfills your driving requirements.

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People often think that the right tyre inflation is as high as it can go on the sidewall, but that isn’t always true. In fact, if you have a car with an all-wheel drive or front wheel differential lock system, your tyres should be inflated to no more than 90% of their max pressure for optimal performance and safety. This means you might need different pressure at each corner depending on what type of vehicle you own! When in doubt about when to replace your tyres based on tread depth alone, consider taking them into a mechanic before making any rash decisions. And don’t forget that every brand offers varying levels of quality – so do some research beforehand to see which brands are most reliable within your budget range. Should you be searching for affordable auto repair near me, don’t forget to drop by at Swezo.


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