Let’s face it. We love our pets and they are a part of the family. The problem is that sometimes your furry friends can wreck a havoc in your car or truck with their paws and fur. Well, there is a solution to this and it is looking for the best car seat covers for pet owners. There are many types of car seat covers readily available in the Australian market for dogs & cats. You might be thinking “I have tried many brands before and none of them works!” This is because not all brands offer good quality products as some do not even fit perfectly onto seats.

Today we’ll tell you why ]certain types of car seat covers work best for pet owners. Let’s get started!

What Types of Car Seat Covers are Suitable for Pet Owners?

Enter the world of internet and you’ll come across several companies providing pet-friendly car seat covers. This is because dogs are an essential member of the family for many and they accompany their parents while going anywhere. Many families don’t want to leave behind their darling pet at home all alone. But just like your dog, your car is also precious, isn’t it? Hence, opting for the best car seat covers for pet owners is the best option so both your car and dog remain safe.

The best car seat covers are those you can completely rely on to keep your pet as comfortable and safe during those long drives. They help dogs and cats to have their own designated space and travel in comfort. As a result, they can rest their soft paws on the seat without damaging it with their nails and gaze out the window to enjoy the view. These seat covers come with built-in protection from jerks that can cause accidents or sudden stops, preventing potential wrecks caused by motion sickness too!

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Best car seat covers for pet owners
Seat covers that keep your pet safe & comfortable

Here are some important points to be kept in mind while purchasing the best car seat covers for pet owners:

  • Easy installation
  • Machine washable fabric
  • Waterproof material
  • Can be easily vacuumed
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Availability for passenger seats, back seat, and trunk
  • Material of the seat cover (Is it plastic, polyester or cloth fabric)
  • Available for the passenger seats, back seat, and trunk
  • How often you plan to replace them?

Here are our picks for the best car seat cover for dogs and pet owners in general:

1.Booster seats for pets: Ranked as the best-selling product for overall design and comfort- Petsafe happyride is the perfect choice for your paw-some pal. Based on the size and weight of your 4-legged friend, booster seats are by far the most suitable option for the best car seat covers for dogs. Watching through the car window is something we all love to do. Even dogs.

However, small dogs have to jump around to get a better view of the outside world. This is a dangerous stunt for both of you. A small and medium sized dog (5-10kgs) fits perfectly on the booster seats that are specially designed to keep your pets safely strapped and also provide them with a perfect view to the outside world(keeps them safe and busy throughout your car ride). It also has machine washable inner clothing. Yeah, yeah, you can thank us later!

2. Travelling Dog Pet seats for cars: We love long weekend drives, don’t we? Imagine a long weekend getaway with your furry pal! Fantastic isn’t it? Tailor made for your pet, this Good Pet Stuff- Dog Seat is a must-have for sure. It comes with adjustable strap that incorporates a 3- way strapping system. One thing is certain – your pet’s gonna love car rides more than you! We bet!

3. Bucket Booster Dog Seat for Cars: Coming to L-sized adorable big size furry fairies, we have a good news for you. Pet product bucket booster dog car seat is a boon for car owners with large sized breed pets. Easy installation & compatible with any car seat buckle, removable, washable, plush quilted fleece cover ensures pet comfort and easy maintenance. This car seat is surely gonna impress you!

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Best car seat covers for pet owners
Happy rides begin with happy pets

4. The Dog Cargo Floor Liners: For those who have large breeds or multiple dogs, the Dog Cargo Floor liners are perfect. These seat covers provide waterproof protection for your car’s backseat, can be configured as per preference, and come in various sizes as per your requirement.

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5. The Car Bench Seat covers: The Car Bench Seat Covers are an affordable and convenient solution for those who own more than one dog. These covers are compatible to any seat and easy to install make car rides much easier, not to mention cleaner!

6. The Hammock Dog Car Seat Covers: The Hammock Dog car seat cover create a haven for dogs by preventing them from accessing footwells. These seat covers protect your car seats against muddy paws, drool stains on fabric upholstery. The best part? The seat covers also prevent the pet from falling due to a sudden break or jerk.

Just like us, dogs are particular about their car rides too. Their ride should be comfortable and stylish as well! The car seat cover material needs to be durable but also light enough so that they won’t strain your pet’s joints when he moves around during the trip. Now that you know what type of car seat cover works best for you and your furry pal, why don’t you check out our collection on Swezo Deals? Available at various price ranges, these best car seat covers are tailor-made to keep your pet in comfort and style throughout the ride. Visit now!



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