Wreckers are a necessary part of car ownership, but they are also easily misunderstood. When thinking about wreckers in Melbourne, the first question many people ask is “why do I need them?” The answer may surprise you – not everyone needs a tow truck or roadside assistance service because there are other options available. A good example would be if your vehicle has broken down at home – in that case, it’s best to call a certified mechanic instead of waiting for roadside assistance or getting towed by the dealership.

When it comes to disposing of your old car, professional wreckers can help you to a considerable extent. We often hear people asking “What is the process?” or “How much do they charge?” In this blog, we will share with you a list of vital questions to ask before selecting certified wreckers.

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A wrecker preparing a car for salvage
Old car being prepared by a wrecker
Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring Wreckers in Melbourne

1.Are you registered and certified?

In many places, it is compulsory for wreckers to register and acquire proper certification and license to operate the business. You can’t just hire any auto wrecker to wreck your car, can you? Make sure you check their registration, certification and license before selecting a wrecker. This will help you have peace of mind, knowing that the licensed car wreckers will always comply with the legal rules and offer you the best value on your used car.

2. How much experience do you have in the car wrecking business?

This is another vital question that you simply cannot miss out on! Evaluating the number of years a car wrecking company has in this industry will help you determine several significant aspects of their business procedure. It highlights their performance, whether they’re one of the leading car wreckers in Melbourne and how consistently have they been delivering quality service to their customers.

The difference between a wrecker who has ten years of experience and one with two years of experience is monumental and is one of the distinguishing factors that can either make or break your experience. You will also get an idea about the kind of customer service they’ve been providing throughout their tenure in this business.

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Metal waste and old car parts
Metal waste and scrap the old car parts

3. What to expect during the evaluation of my car for cash?

Many car owners expect wreckers in Melbourne to evaluate their vehicles and estimate the value over the phone itself. But that is a wrong approach! When you decide to wreck your car, the vehicle must be physically available to help the professional wreckers review some of the crucial factors like the model, make, colour, year and overall condition of the vehicle. If you’re unable to visit the wrecking site, be descriptive about your car as much as possible to get the best return from your wreckers.

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4. What documents are required if you are selling your car to wreckers in Melbourne?

To sell your car to wreckers in Melbourne, the first and most important document you must provide is proof of ownership of the car. Some car wreckers also accept scrap or registration certificates as the other proof of ownership. Car owners must also produce a valid photo ID. If car owners have any logbook servicing records, don’t forget to provide that documentation also.

5. How long is the car wrecking process?

Here comes the most popular question asked by car sellers to wreckers not in Melbourne only but across the world! When it comes to wrecking your cars, wreckers can either complete the task in a day itself or take a few days to complete the job efficiently. If it will take some time, it implies the car wrecking business lacks adequate manpower, skills and equipment. But truth be told, if you’re engaging wreckers in Melbourne from Swezo, you can be assured that the entire process can be completed within a day and you’ll receive cash immediately after your vehicle is removed from your location.

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Car parts from old vehicles are recycled and sold
Parts from old vehicles are recycled and sold to car parts buyers and car owners

6. Do the wreckers also accept unregistered vehicles?

This is a little dubious question. That’s because if one car wrecking company accepts unregistered vehicles, another one may not follow suit. Hence, if your vehicle is unregistered, always ask your car wrecker to avoid any last-minute surprises and shocks.

7. What should I do if I have a scrap car?

No worries! You will still get cash for eliminating your scrap car. Wreckers registered on Swezo pay for scrap cars too, irrespective of the model, make, design or condition. The auto parts made of metal are recycled and sold to car owners and car part buyers as used auto parts.

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8. Do the wreckers buy all varieties of car brands?

The good news is, most car wreckers purchase used cars from all brands. Whether you’ve got a Honda, Ford, Toyota or Hyundai, no matter what the condition is, most wreckers will accept cars from all kinds of brands.

Swezo – Australia’s #1 Place to Find Trusted Wreckers in Melbourne

The process of car wrecking can be expensive and time-consuming, so it’s important to find a reliable and reputable company. We suggest you take the necessary steps before hiring any wreckers in Melbourne by asking them these eight questions first. If they don’t answer or their answers are vague, we recommend dropping a request for one on Swezo. That will provide clear responses to all your questions about how much it costs, what documents are needed if you’re selling your vehicle to us as well as other information related to our services such as the duration of the whole process from start till end. What else? Need professional car services too? You can also post a request for that on Swezo and get free quotes within minutes. So, hurry up!

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