Replacing your car’s brake pads regularly can prevent the risk of accidents. Read this blog to know when brake pad replacement is a necessity

Do you want your car to function smoothly, without a hitch? How about reducing the need for frequent and expensive replacement of various parts? Ensuring the perfect condition of your vehicle is possible when you perform automobile maintenance regularly. Let’s take the instance of brake pad maintenance.

First, be honest. Tell us how often do you check your brake pads? Now, don’t feel guilty! There are plenty of car owners who don’t prioritize brake pad replacement or maintenance, until problems start cropping up.

Car owners, stop making this mistake! When you foot the brake pads, an intricate network of components sets into motion. To retain the fluent functioning of the system, certain parts must be replaced and maintained appropriately.  It is beneficial not only for your vehicle’s performance but also for improving the longevity and safety since brake pads are designed for controlling the speed of your car.

Does My Car Need Brake Pad Replacement? These Signs Say YES!

Brake pad replacement is an integral component of your regular auto maintenance regime. But we know what you’re thinking right now – “When should I replace the brake pads?” No worries! Here are the signs:

1. There’s a clicking noise

In some vehicles, the brake pads are installed into a specialized device or can be also secured with pins, bolts and clips. The reason behind this feature is to prevent the brake pads from wriggling around. However, when the brake pads loosen up, mostly due to a damaged part encircling the hardware, they begin to jingle and jangle! This is followed by the clicking sound every time you push or release the pedal.

2. Oh no! What’s that grinding sound

Do you hear a grinding sound when applying pressure to the brake pedal? Don’t hesitate to avail a professional brake pad replacement If you’re lucky enough, your brake pad can have in-built metal wear indicators that are supposed to alert you by making a loud noise telling “Henry. Come on! Go quickly and replace your brake pads!”(You may or may not be Henry but nonetheless, you’re a car owner!)

Ignoring grinding brake pads for a long period of time can make 2 of your greatest fears come true:

  • A greater damage to your car
  • More damage is equal to higher repair costs

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3. Using brakes leads to vibration

Usually, there’s no vibration when you push the brakes. But if you do experience vibration, your brake pads are in danger and indicates you require top car services. It is likely that the rotors are degenerated and have worn out the brake pads unevenly, simultaneously.

4. It takes longer for your car to stop

This happens when there’s an absence of performance while using the brakes. If you’re applying brakes but experiencing a longer stoppage time, it is a sign that the brake pads are completely exhausted or the brake fluid needs to be refilled (did it get over too soon? It can be a leak).

We know that comprehending what’s wrong with your car breaks is not your cup of tea. Hence, we recommend requesting a professional and certified mechanic to diagnose the actual cause of the problem and provide you with the right solution. And for all your automotive-related issues, Swezo is always by your side.

5. As soon as you apply the brake, the car moves to one side

It’s important to know that the brake pads of a vehicle don’t wear out simultaneously always. At times, the brakes pads on the left side will debilitate faster than the right side or vice-versa. Should this occur, you may find the car pulling towards the left or right slightly no sooner than you apply the brakes. Let the problem be neglected and your steering rack, wheel bearings, steering knuckles and ball joints of the vehicle will endure unnecessary stress.

Don’t want that, right? Then call a certified mechanic to have the issue addressed immediately.

On the flip side, brake pads may not be the reason behind this particular problem; other causes, like a defective wheel bearing, uneven tire pressure or inoperable brake calliper, can also be at play. Hence, engaging a qualified car service is truly worth it, the mechanic can precisely dig into the issue and find the root cause. If brake pads are the culprit, they can replace them pronto.

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Require Reliable & Professional Brake Pad Replacement in Australia?

There you go! Now, you know what signs to look out for that tell you need brake pad replacement. It’s no secret that with time and frequent usage, the friction causes the brake pads to wear out and exposes the metal plate. As per automotive experts in the industry, it’s necessary to change the brake pads every 75,000 kilometres. At Swezo, we can provide you with highly qualified and experienced mechanics who are well-aware of the techniques to repair and service brake pads and attend to all your car service needs. For more information, reach us on Swezo.

Understanding when you need brake pad replacement is critical to keep your car in ideal condition. Keep an eye on these crucial signs to know the perfect time!

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