Mechanics are of several types. The next time you need a car job to be done, keep this list in mind & find suitable mechanics in Australia in no time!

Finding qualified mechanics who can diagnose the problem impacting your car’s performance isn’t a cakewalk and anyone who has done this, will quickly realize the truth!

But did you know?

Even before choosing your mechanics in Australia, there’s a trick to select the right mechanic your car is yearning for?

Car mechanics are of various types and not just limited to one category. With the advancement of automotive technology and parts, nowadays, you’ll get different types of car mechanics specializing in addressing a particular automotive issue.

When you’re searching for mechanics, for instance on Swezo, our list below can come of great help! You’ll thank us later but for now, let’s dive in!

Different Types of Car Mechanics in Australia You Can Call

Navigating through the world of auto mechanics is no more a complex calculation and doesn’t require a formula. All you need to know are the different types of auto mechanics and the difference among them.

1. Auto Mechanic

Are you a car owner typing ‘car mechanic near me’ to perform perioding maintenance and repair? Then it’s likely that you’ll have an encounter with an auto mechanic.

They are car mechanics who have the required skills and knowledge to evaluate the mechanical aspects of your vehicle, such as brakes, engine and more. Auto mechanics provide services for scheduled servicing, maintenance and repairs.

Vehicle problems for which you need to call an auto mechanic are:

  • Engine problems
  • Oil and fluid changes
  • Brake pad replacements
  • Logbook servicing
  • Suspension and shock absorber repairs

2. Auto Electrician

Among the broad spectrum of automotive mechanics, a large number of mechanics are also auto electricians.

Now, who are they?

They’re trained to diagnose and repair the electrical parts of vehicles. Having a problem with the alternator, air conditioner or lights? An auto mechanic is just whom you need to get everything sorted! They’re skilled and qualified to deal with the technicalities of a vehicle – automotive technology and electrical system to be precise.

Battery or wiring, a reliable auto technician can fix these technical issues in no time. Often, auto technicians can even handle glitches in your car entertainment devices with expertise.

As per the reports of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2026, approximate 46,000 automotive service mechanics and technicians will be required.

And why do you think so?

Because of the increase in demand for reliable and qualified auto mechanics and technicians.

3. Diesel Mechanic

Suggestive from the name itself, a diesel mechanic is committed to handling all types of problems related to diesel engines. Is coffee the same as tea? Or is chalk the same as cheese? Similarly, it is important to know that a diesel engine and petrol engine are not the same. Not just that, even the designs, internal parts and the emissions they produce are different from each other.

A diesel mechanic has extensive knowledge about how diesel engines function and fixes the most common problems like oil oxidation, black exhaust, defective acid/lead storage battery, lack of power and more.

Since diesel engines are also found in larger vehicles like trucks and buses, very often, diesel mechanics are considered to perform the same role as heavy vehicle mechanics.

Is it true?

We’ll find that out!

4. Heavy Vehicle Mechanic

The name says it all! They’re the same as auto mechanics but with a difference – heavy vehicle mechanics mostly deal with industrial-sized vehicles, for instance, buses, trucks and even earthmoving equipment. And of course, to perform such a heavy-duty job, heavy vehicle mechanics MUST have expert skills and adequate training to become certified for the job.

When will you search for heavy vehicle mechanics in Australia?

  • Servicing
  • Transmission
  • Steering and brake systems
  • Diesel fuel mechanism
  • Engine-related induction system
  • Diagnostics

5. Mobile Mechanic

When it comes to searching for mobile mechanics in Sydney or elsewhere, there’s no dearth! They’re the same as usual auto technicians and they visit your address to offer services. This is particularly useful when you’re having an engine trouble, or your car isn’t starting and you can’t visit the auto shop immediately.

The services offered by mobile mechanics vary from each other. If one has a van equipped with diagnostic tools, the other can only perform regular inspections efficiently. Hence, if you’re booking mobile mechanics on authentic automotive platforms like Swezo, the website will help you keep your list of mechanics short and sweet and gives you all the necessary information so that obtaining a quote becomes easier.

Did You Know? Mechanics are Available for Various Types of Car Services Too

Now, after reading about the different types of car mechanics you can search for, you may be wondering if there are as many kinds of car services as mechanics. Well, you’ve hit the bull’s eye! Yes. There are various types of car services and we’ll quickly go through it below:

  • Interim car service: It is also popular by the name ‘basic’ or ‘bronze’ service and is suitable for cars that run over 20,000 miles in a year. This type of service includes oil filter and oil change, evaluation of the car’s internal components like windscreen wipers, tires and light, inspection for fluid leaks, refilling engine oil, coolant, brake and other fluids.
  • Full car service: Experienced car mechanics recommend going for full car service every 12 months or 12,000miles. It includes a wide array of checks and replacements like air filter change, spark plugs/fuel filter change, wheel bearings and shock absorbers inspection, inspection of the air conditioner and more.
  • Major car service: Explanatory from the name itself, this kind of car service includes everything that is covered under interim and full car services. It is recommended every 24,000 miles or 24 months.

Looking for Trustworthy & Expert Mechanics in Australia?

Whether you need auto mechanics, auto technicians or mobile mechanics, Swezo is the best place to be at! It is Australia’s leading online automotive marketplace where you can connect with several mechanics in Australia and other parts of Australia seamlessly. Be it brake pad replacement, battery or windscreen replacement, you’re assured to find a certified mechanic as per your budget and requirement. For more information, please visit us on  Swezo

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