For many people, a car battery is a mystery. It’s something that they don’t think about until it starts causing them problems. It is important to know the basics about car batteries to make sure your vehicle is running smoothly. Car battery myths are everywhere, but knowing which ones are true can help you save money and keep your car moving on the road smoothly.

For instance, did you know ‘idling your car for too long will damage the battery’ is a myth? This is just one but there are a lot of myths about car batteries and how to care for them.

In this blog, we’ll learn dispel some common car battery myths so you can be better informed when the time comes for car battery replacement or taking care of your current one!

Let’s begin!

Car Battery Myths: Things You Shouldn’t Believe at All

1.Idling your car or driving a short distance will recharge your car’s battery

Going for a short walk may restore your energy level but not for your car battery! The reason is simple. Starting your car engine is the FIRST factor that drains the battery and puts maximum pressure. As an immense amount of power is required to move a car, there’s a high probability that driving a short distance won’t recharge your battery to fulfil the loss of energy.

Although many cars today are incorporated with a modern design that allows them to recharge during idling, it is not a recommended way to warm up your cold car engine before driving. Using a battery charger for this purpose is a more suggested way to raise the temperature of your car’s battery without any impacts.

2. The performance of the battery doesn’t rely upon the brand

This myth is busted, time and again. So, what’s the truth?

The performance of a car battery depends on the specifications mentioned clearly on the label. Should you be purchasing a car battery from Swezo, you can be rest assured of getting a car battery that conforms to Australian battery performance standards and belongs to the Original Equipment category and the vehicle manufacturers installs them as per the norms.

Experienced automotive mechanics in Australia who replace car batteries of various vehicle brands, confess that many non-OE batteries lack safety features and the specifications are not always true. Hence, you can always have your peace of mind knowing that you’re using a car battery from a reputable brand and can reduce unnecessary replacement costs.

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Debunking car battery myths
Stop believing the infamous car battery myths

3. A discharged car battery doesn’t affect the car’s fuel efficiency

A myth again.

The truth is when the car battery is fully discharged (the condition is also called flattened), the entire pressure piles up on the car’s alternator to recharge the battery, by any means. Your vehicle is more likely to consume use extra fuel because of this added pressure on the alternator and engine.

4. Disconnect the battery if you’re not driving for many days

This is one of the most common myths we’ve seen one car owner telling the other! And it is so wrong. During the pandemic or in the holiday season, many of you might not be using your cars for several days or weeks. Disconnecting the battery if you’re not using your car for a long time is never a wise decision.


Certain systems rely on continuous power for functioning. And on disconnecting the battery, these systems won’t be able to reconnect. Instead of disconnecting the battery, use a car battery maintenance charger to keep your battery fully charged even if you’re not using your car for many days.

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Debunking car battery myths
Don’t let car battery myths fool you!

5. No water in the battery? It’s okay to refill with tap water


NEVER DO THIS. If you don’t want to kill your car battery soon, don’t even think of using tap water to refill the water level in the battery. And the reason is interesting. Tap water, if you didn’t know, releases minerals that accumulate and clogs the coats and pores of the battery’s plates. And when the pores of the car battery are blocked, encountering problems like corrosion, short-circuited cell or broken internal connections become inevitable.

As per the recommendation of most of the trusted mechanics in Victoria, it’s always worthwhile to use DISTILLED WATER as it doesn’t contain such corrosive minerals and retains durability of the battery.

Car battery myths are plentiful and it can be tough to know which ones you should keep in mind. These five car battery myths, however, will help ensure your vehicle is running smoothly for years to come. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can get your car back on the road faster than ever before (with a fresh car battery or set of tyres!), or searching for trusted automotive mechanics in Victoria for car battery replacement, contact us today or visit our website at look forward to hearing from you!

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