So, you’ve just bought a new car and now, you are on the hunt for your first mechanic. How do you know which is the best car mechanic in Melbourne? What questions should you be asking? Should you go to my local mechanic or drive to the city for someone more experienced? These are all valid questions that can have a huge impact on your wallet.

Selecting the best car mechanic can be a hassle if you don’t know what to look for. Whether you are searching for an independent or franchise, there are some key things that will help you pick the best one. This blog will give you all the information needed to pick out a great mechanic. So, continue reading!

Top Factors to Consider When Selecting a Car Mechanic in Melbourne

1.Research about the company

The best way to know about anything (even your would-be life partner!) is by exercising appropriate research techniques. Nothing can beat the effectiveness of good research. Even before becoming a regular customer, you can get a detailed insight about the company’s business operation, the kind of services offered, pricing and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the easy availability of the internet, knowing about your chosen car repair company has transformed into a seamless experience. Check out the reviews to know what the customers are saying about their services, mechanics and service charges, among others.

Mechanics registered on Swezo have a good deal of positive reviews and it’s because of their extensive experience and expertise in this industry.

If the number of positive reviews exceeds the number of negative feedback, you can go ahead in requesting for a mechanic from that company.

2. Are the mechanics trained and licensed?

Now a days, fixing a car has become as easy as ABC with the popularity of DIY videos published on YouTube. These may look simple enough to carry out but what happens when something goes wrong, and it leads to even a costlier repair? For this reason, it is always advisable to choose a certified and registered car mechanic in Melbourne. This ensures that the car mechanic is trained to perform all kinds of vehicle repairs and is well-versed with the various car repair procedures. You’ll know that your car is in the best hands in the industry, that is, a fully trained auto technician who is abreast with the latest automotive technology and can fix the issue using the right equipment efficiently.

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Car mechanics can also help you choose the right auto parts

3. Offers a wide array of car repair services

Let’s say you need to replace your brake pads and you’re searching for mechanics in Victoria or elsewhere. You get a mechanic of your choice instantly. The service is done, your brake pads are functioning perfectly and you pay the mechanic. But what if you required a windscreen replacement or engine oil change at the same time and the mechanic doesn’t provide these services? For this reason, make sure the selected car mechanic is offering not one but a vast range of automotive repair services.

At Swezo, you can post a request for car mechanics to replace the windscreen, car battery, brake pad, check the suspension system, change tyres and more. Furthermore, the mechanics don’t just perform car repairs but also the probable reasons behind certain car issues and offers advice on how to keep your car well-maintained to reduce the risk of major repair or replaceme

4. The charges

Whether you’re a male or female car owner, is there anyone who wants to get ripped off by car mechanics? Certainly not! But unfortunately, it is quite a common occurrence today. Moreover, female car owners are at a greater risk of being misled and end up paying more for car repairs than men.

That’s why, check if the services provided by the mechanic offer a good value in return. Compare the prices with other mechanic companies to get the best competitive rates. A careful analysis of the current car repair rates will give a clear idea about the service charges and prevent you from getting ripped off. Yay!

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Mechanics offer various car services

5. Check the reviews

What can be better than knowing about your selected car mechanic company from the customers themselves? Most of the websites have customer feedback posted on Google and other third-party platforms. These reviews can answer nearly all of your queries related to the service quality, prices and customer care, helping you to determine if you should proceed with your decision.

However, not many of you know but there are myriads of fake reviews posted on Google everyday. Hence, differentiating fake reviews from authentic ones is surely a time-consuming task. For this reason, we have built an online automotive platform called Swezo. Here, by posting a request, you can search for thousands of car mechanics, auto parts sellers and wreckers within your budget. Worried about the fake reviews? Relax! The platform only posts honest, legitimate reviews and videos shared by customers. Go and check it out yourself!

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You need to find the right car mechanic in Melbourne before your next vehicle repair, and there are a lot of choices. To make sure you’re choosing wisely, take some time upfront to do research on the company and ensure they offer all the services necessary for your needs. While service charges vary from place to place, we recommend verifying that any estimates or quotes come with an explanation of what is included. That way you know how much it will cost ahead of time rather than having surprises later when they call asking for more money after their initial estimate was too low. Being proactive pays off! If you’re looking for a mechanic in Melbourne today but don’t have one yet, post a request at Swezo now so the professionals can contact you right away.

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