Can you tell what’s one thing in common between a car enthusiast and a travelholic? You both need the tiniest reason to get out and tour the world! Speaking of travelling, have you planned for a road trip with your friends after a loooooong time? Well, we know how excited you are but is your car ready for the trip?

It’s important to ensure your car is carefully inspected inside and out to eliminate the chances of breaking down in the middle of the road! Now that you’re too busy with your road trip preparation, don’t hesitate to call Swezo. We offer major car services in Australia and can send certified mechanics to your location to perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle. Once you get the thumbs up from our mechanic, wear on your confidence and you’re ready to go for the most wonderful road trip.

But first, let’s help you make a checklist so that your car’s ready for a super exciting road trip!

Steps to Follow When Getting Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

1. Check the tyres:

A flat tyre is the last thing on your mind when hitting the road with your buddies, right? And for that, you must check both the tread of your tyres and air pressure. In case the tyre tread is less than 1.6 mm, don’t think twice before replacing it with a new tyre.

Driving with flat tyres is particularly harmful both for you and your vehicle; it not only damages the internal structure of the tyre but also the wheel, vehicle and leads to poor vehicle handling and control, causing accidents and injury. To purchase new tyres, you can visit a reliable online automotive marketplace, like Swezo, where you’ll find a plethora of branded tyres as per your requirement. When checking air pressure, make sure it is within the optimum range of your vehicle; excessive air pressure leads to blowout and insufficient air pressure wastes gas.

2. Check the fluids:

A car has different types of fluids –

  • Brake fluid
  • Engine oil
  • Transmission fluid
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Antifreeze

Check all the fluid levels and replenish the ones required, especially if your date for changing the oil is in due. Like humans, your car also needs fluids to keep running. Checking the fluids is necessary to prevent engine damage and maintain the top condition of your vehicle. Doing so also minimizes the chances of encountering any car fluid-related troubles and give you a smooth driving experience!

3. The lighting:

When you’re driving through a pitch-dark road at night, can you see which vehicle is in front of you or if you’re about to hit anyone, if there’s no proper illumination? Adequate lighting is essential as it results in safe driving at night. Moreover, it is THE only source of light when you’re driving at night. The light bulbs require regular inspection to prevent frequent replacement and ensure they function in the right order.

Poor illumination can also occur if the headlamps are cloudy and foggy. Whether you need headlights replacement or restoration, you can always reach out to Swezo to schedule major car services in Australia as per your budget.

4. The brakes:

Needless to say, brakes form a crucial component of your vehicle. To stop your vehicle from moving, both the discs and brake pads work unitedly to produce the required resistance. Although it is a complex mechanism, the brakes will remain in proper shape and order when maintained regularly by a professional mechanic.

As the first line of safety on the road, it is imperative to hire a qualified mechanic and get your car’s braking system inspected. This includes checking the brake pads and rotors, brake fluid and replacing the worn-out brake parts. If they’re not serviced regularly, the brakes can overheat and lead to damages and accidents.

Vital signs your braking system requires maintenance includes a grinding, squealing or squeaking sound, steering-wheel vibration, the car pulling to one side, a soft brake pedal and brake fluid leaks.

Where Can I Find the Most Reliable Full Car Service Near Me?

Phew! So, with that, you come to an end of your checking session before hitting the road in your car. Follow this checklist and you’ll never encounter a broken-down car in the middle of the road, looking for mechanics here and there. Should you be searching for trustworthy major car services in Australia, get in touch with Swezo. It is a first-class online automotive marketplace where you can book professional car mechanics and automotive services as well as find top-quality auto parts at affordable prices. Furthermore, on Swezo, you can receive multiple quotes from certified mechanics near you without relying on fake Google reviews. Depending on your location, if any reliable local mechanic is available, they’ll always visit you, following a transparent pricing policy. Visit  Swezo now.

Getting ready for a road trip isn’t only about yourself but also your car. Book major car services in Australia to prep up your vehicle for the long trip!

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