We all know that the world is changing, and so are our vehicles. With more people looking for ways to save money on fuel, electric vehicles have become a popular choice. Electric cars are still a new technology, which can make it hard to separate facts from fiction about them. But the truth is, modern electric cars are more environmentally sound and cost-effective than their fuel counterparts.

Electric car technology has made great strides in recent years and we’re able to offer you some insight into how they work and what misconceptions may exist. Even buying electric car parts online is slowly yet steadily becoming an easily available option.

What’s more? Having an electric vehicle means your fuel costs will be significantly lower than a gas car; no exhaust emissions – no matter where you go, it’ll always be eco-friendly! And lastly, driving an EV means less wear on your engine because it doesn’t have to work harder when accelerating or climbing hills.

To help you stay informed, here are some of the most common myths about electric cars and why they’re not true.

Busting the Myths Surrounding Electric Vehicles

1.EVs are very slow

Wrong! EVs are very fast-moving vehicles, in fact, quicker than most of their fuel-powered counterparts. The top speed is 80 km/h and can go up to 100 km/h too.

If you look at the Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus variant, the top speed is 160 kmph while the long-range and performance variants have maximum speeds of 180 and 261 kmph. This is so because an electric vehicle can produce 100% of the torque available almost immediately. On pushing down the accelerator pedal of the EV, it transitions from stationary speed almost instantly.

Let us tell you again about Tesla’s EV range. The Tesla Model S, when it is in the ‘ludicrous’ mode, it is one of the fastest running cars recording a range between 0 to 60 mph at a surprising 2.5 seconds.

So, never say ‘EVs are sooooo slow’ again!

2. When it comes to running out of charge, EVs come first

Another misconception. ‘If I drive 2 km, my car won’t have any charge at all!’ 

Do you believe this will happen to you too? Well, you’ve been believing in a misconception for so long!

As technology is advancing, for example in Tata Nexon EV, your car can run seamlessly over 300 km when the battery is fully charged and this distance is adequate for your daily commute. Even if your car runs out of charge, it won’t stop functioning suddenly, leaving you stranded in the middle of the road! You’ll get a warning from beforehand. And also, you’ll have the time to reach the nearest electric vehicle charging station and power up the battery.

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Myths about electric vehicles
Charging your electric vehicle is seriously a cakewalk!
3. EVs are expensive to maintain and repair

It’s wrong. The cost of repairing and servicing electric vehicles is lesser than fuel-powered vehicles. Unlike fuel or gas-powered vehicles, Furthermore, since EVs are incorporated with fewer moving parts, there’s a much lesser chance of failing or requiring expensive replacements.

For your information, EVs require a simple one-speed transmission and components like valves, spark plugs, fuel tank, distributor, clutch, drive belts and so on.

4. It’s difficult to get electric car parts

Now that’s a myth you certainly shouldn’t be listening to! With such wide popularity of online shopping sites where you can get almost anything from the comfort of your couch, buying auto parts online is as easy as ABC.

Thanks to trustworthy online automotive marketplaces like Swezo, you can buy car parts online like batteries, inverters, electric motors, chargers and so much more with just one click!

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Myths about electric vehicles
Switching to electric vehicle is the best way to boost fuel economy, save money & protect the environment

As you can see, there are many myths about electric vehicles that simply aren’t true. We hope this blog post has helped to clear up some misconceptions and that it will help you make an informed decision when considering an EV for your next automobile purchase. If you have any questions or need assistance in finding the right electric car parts online or need professional car service, don’t forget to visit Swezo which offers 24/7 customer service. Buying car parts online has never been easier!

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